Merrin Karras

Silent Planet

A Strangely Isolated Place • 2022

Merrin Karras composed »Silent Planet« in two days and it marks the artist’s first attempt at writing a continuous piece of music. Merrin Karras is the pseudonym used for ambient music by the Irish musician Brendan Gregoriy who is best known for producing techno and house tracks under the name Chymera. The mood of his work ranges from brooding to exuberant punctuated with strong elements of space music, trance and ambient. With »Silent Planet«, the musician wanted to set himself the challenge of creating a mini-album in a fairly short period of time in stream of consciousness creativity without thinking much about it just to see what happens.

Grigoriy created his work in one go, however it consists of six sections out of which various motifs and elements are used again in other places. It is also the first time the artist has used percussion elements in a release under the pseudonym Merrin Karras. The Irish musician’s work promises not only a warm and melodic atmosphere, but also tense and melancholic soundscapes, which ensure that Brendan Gregoriy’s pieces never sound monotonous. »Silent Planet« takes you on a journey on which spiritual forces flow through your body in varying intensity.