Japanese Breeze

Forest Jams | Rotating Souls • 2021

For a long time, only diggers heard about his early mixes, which he released in cooperation with the Pittsburgh-based label Rotating Souls. But Japanese Mori-Ra has been the hottest shit in the greater Osaka area, on Reddit and in forums on the subject of city pop for a few years now when it comes to proper dancefloor preparations of this urban kitsch art. On »Japanese Breeze« he condenses now in 12 tracks the finest tunes from 13 mixes so far, including rarities that will mean something only to the very few – because a detailed tracklist is as always not. But that is also a minor matter. Already the first minutes of the opening »Feel« quench the curiosity, while the slide back to the sofa takes its course. A wadded primer of ambient and reverbs is rolled out. The landing is velvety. The climate air-conditioned. Beneath flashy guitar licks, buzzing synths then successively sprinkle the tracks with semidelirant arpeggios, grooves and shots – prog electronics wrap themselves around funk, nu-disco ensnares city pop. A »Pygmy« or the following »Caravan« could also be attested distant Krautrock vibes, while »Modern« and »Mood« unconsciously paddle on vaporwaves through the infinity pool. All in all, this compilation is in no way inferior to the ingenious mixes of the series, which means: The guy has really skimmed off the best material from a huge track pool to shoot himself down at the Xenon bar – and compiled everything excellently, too! If the Japanese Psycho existed, he would probably find himself here again quickly. Whereby, there is him.He just doesn’t listen to Huey Lewis & The News, but Mori Ra.

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