Projective Vision

Close Encounter

Transmigration • 1996

Transmigration does it again: the Berlin label specialises in reissuing historical, high-quality electronic music with a proven value for lovers. After re-releases of Susumu Yokota’s project Ebi and of the trance house fellows from OBI & Charlie Hall, for example, they have dug up »Close Encounter« by Projective Vision and are thus poaching in the speedier realms of trance techno. The two 13-minute tracks, produced by Iestyn Polson and Steve Dungey, present themselves as highly variable dance floor weapons that fit perfectly into the ongoing momentum in the revitalisation of trance and progressive electronic styles from the 90s. No wonder, Projective Vision’s first EP was released in 1994. The first track, »Close Encounter«, is reminiscent of Teste’s classic »The Wipe« in its basic rhythm, but soon drowns itself in all kinds of rainbow colours to resurrect itself as a high-quality smorgasbord of all kinds of trance tropes. The fast pace from the beginning is not maintained, the centre of gravity is a melodic one. Every eight beats the bass tone changes, above it frogs hum on substances, flickering choirs also make it into the mix. The B-side »Equilibrium« has a monotonous acid bassline, which could also be on Paranoid London today, cowbells ring, all in all it’s more monotonous and menacing here. Despite only two tracks, this is a versatile EP that is receiving attention at just the right time.