Simo Cell

Cuspide Des Sirènes

TEMƎT • 2023

So, first things first. This is a good record. Anyone who has heard of Simo Cell knows that this album was long overdue. You can’t go on churning out bangers for Livity Sounds forever and then pretend that’s all you’ve got. That’s why »Cuspide Des Sirènes«, which I’m sure means something in French, is just that: a pallet full of stuff that Simo piles up several metres high and then wraps it up with yards of film to keep it all together. And lots of things come together here, especially the drone. And not just because those who know the downs of life appreciate the ups all the more, meh… or something like that. In any case, Simo Cell bounces his way through roughly all seven world rhythms, but then lets things settle down. Something like the dramatic setting you see on the cover of this palette record. Namely Goa Freddy’s approximate blood sugar level after three nights in the forest. Which brings us to one last thing: Perhaps this record is just that—and now let’s all put on our reading glasses for a moment to speak with pursed lips: a deconstructed form of forest and meadow dance. Phew, ok. Maybe not, but hey, it’s cool!