Chaleur Humaine

Freedom To Spend • 2021

The New Age’isation of the society is proceeding. The neighbour’s doormat says »Keep Smiling«, at the dentist’s Tarzan rushes through the rainforest. And even in Nazi cellars, dream catchers will soon be dangling from the bunker ceiling. Everybody wants to chill, nobody admits it. Some people are only now noticing that they were already further along in the Nineties, squeezing an indoor fountain whine out of synthesizers that would have made even Enya saw off her ears. Uman, the brother and sister duo around Danielle and Didier Jean, were only coughing up pop records in the suburbs of Paris when they discovered the good stuff in 1992 and released »Chaleur Humaine«, a disc for psychoactive plant trips. Nearly 30 years later, long out of print and at the very most to be stolen from under the moustache of a French record archivist, Freedom To Spend is reissuing Uman’s debut. Which doesn’t mean that everything will come back. But that most things repeat themselves at some point. In the case of Uman, don’t be angry, they were already producing bangers in the early 90s that peered over the drum course in the rainbow group. The track »Mémoire Vive« could also be trumpeting alongside Balearic house in Weekday outlets today. And everyone between Burial, A.G. Cook and David Lynch is likely to have picked up more than just a chorus of »Chaleur Humaine«. So it’s made for the coming weekend at the spa.