Various Artists

Utopia Or Oblivion

Constructive • 2023

The fact that the title of this compilation references »Utopia or Oblivion« will bring the nerds among you to realise that it refers to the famous manifesto written by the American architect Richard Buckminster Fuller. Published in Germany under the title »Konkrete Utopie« (Concrete Utopia), Buckminster Fuller explores the relationship between humans as a creative force and nature in its supposedly contingent construction. But the opposite is the case: just as the lotus effect and dragonfly wings prove every day, Mother Nature is a perfectionist who refuses to stand still until better and better forms and construction methods prevail. It sounds complicated, and it is. However, since its publication in 1969, the book has stirred up a lot of dust and changed the way we think about natural building forms and design. 

The label Constructive has now seized upon this philosophical work as an occasion to ask a total of nine acts to contribute to this compilation. The result is not only a sometimes chugging experience of organic proportions, but also an overview of an electronic avant-garde scene that perfects new technologies worldwide as the driving force behind its art. As with Mother Nature, so are the pieces like Robert Lippok’s (To Rococo Rot) »How Would I Be? What Would I Do?« or Italian musician Silvia Kastel’s Deep Tissue Massage (»Forme Impercettibili«) constructed and released into the world.