Various Artists

Vacation from My Mind

Forager • 2022

As the title »Vacation From My Mind« suggests, the album released on Forager Records literally invites you to take a holiday from your own thoughts and immerse yourself in a carefree haven in the world of fantasy. A record that includes twelve carefully selected titles from the years 1973 to 1981 and covers a broad spectrum of different genres with soft rock, soul, Latin and jazz-funk. The Latin rhythms on David Buckland’s jazz-funk track »Celia« exude beach party vibes from the very first second, making it almost impossible not to give your everyday life the slip and start dancing euphorically. But most of all, the soothing, almost hypnotic vocals manage to make the music sound like a holiday. »Vacation From My Mind« is rounded off with Kerry’s »Not So Long Ago«, which with its delicate flute sound, accompanied by relaxing guitar music and the words »No pressure, no tension, no tears – nothing but that beautiful, peaceful feeling« carries you away with its ceremonial and spiritual atmosphere. An album for all those who are trapped in their own whirlwind of thoughts and simply wish to experience the lightness and light-heartedness of life again instead of constantly brooding.