20/20 Vision • 2022

The discovery of a lost acid house cassette that belonged to his father in the nineties awakened Boris Bunnik’s love of electronic music in his youth. After graduating from the Hanze Academy of Pop Culture, the Dutchman now works with labels such as Delsin, Clone, Rush Hour, SOMA and Pinkman. On »Chronoception«, his second album for the British label 20/20 Vision under the name Versalife, he invites listeners on a cosmic journey accompanied by nuanced sounds, deep bass and robotic funk. On the track »Temporal Resolution«, the Dutchman starts with deep, sombre beats reminiscent of a muffled rumble. Shortly after the bass kicks in, sci-fi-like bleeps at varying heights are introduced. »Oculus«, in contrast, succeeds in sounding both hopeful and soothing, despite its defining melody that builds in tension. Deep nuances of sound merge into high tones and trigger both stirring and redeeming feelings. As the penultimate track of the vinyl version, »Perceptual Time Delation« impresses the listener again with brighter, more harmonic sounds that exude an otherworldly, magical mood.