12 Releases you Should Look out for on Record Store Day 2024

Text: Editorial staff
Record Store Day. More than 500 releases. It’s a matter of separating the wheat from the chaff. Fortunately, there is an indomitable music editorial team that takes on this task. Here are the highlights of RSD 2024: some melancholy, some clattering and plenty of rarities.
Boogie Down Productions
Get On Down • 1990 • from 49.99€

Ein Hip-Hop-Duo aus New York, das sich Mitte der 1980er-Jahre zwischen den Blocks der Bronx gründete und Gangsta-Rap kreierte, der vom Leben auf der Straße, von Kriminalität, Gewalt und Drogen erzählt. Es sind Geschichten, die von Boogie Down Productions auf »Edutainment« in Beats gepackt sind und zum Zuhören und Mitnicken einladen. Ein Oldtimer des East Coast Gangsta Rap eben. Beim Record Store Day 2024 als Opaque Black und Canary Yellow Vinyl Edition.

Wencke Riede
Redi Edizioni Musicali • 1980 • from 37.99€

Those of you who enjoyed the melancholic mood on »Psyco Analysis« can look forward to a healthy dose of mysterious, abstract and dark sounds on Corviria's second album, »Descriptive«, first released in 1980. From the eerie »The Chase« to the feather-light »Soft Music« and the literally comical »Funny March«, the album covers the full gamut of emotions. Now, 44 years after its original release, it's being reissued on vinyl for the first time.

Franziska Nistler
Greg Foat / Gigi Masin
The Fish Factory Sessions
Strut • 2024 • from 31.99€

The last time Greg Foat and Gigi Masin went for a dive, they ended up on my personal best-of-2023. »Dolphin« was aquatic Ambient Jazz, unpretentious and deeply moving for it. Immersed in coral reefs and sea mammals, the duo got caught by London’s Fish Factory Studios. They performed alternative takes of »Dolphin«’s songs, bathed in other sounds. »The Fish Factory Sessions« promise oceanic feelings and azure worlds. Colored Vinyl Edition.

Michael Zangerl
Half Japanese
Our Solar System
Fire • 1984 • from 35.99€

For me, the music Half Japanese makes is great in an often unfathomable way, and the same goes for the album »Our Solar System«, first released on Iridescence Records in 1984. What's impressive is the urgency, the immediacy of the 19 songs here. The band around the brothers David and Jad Fair just starts hammering away every time. This earned them the reputation of being »unheard of« early on. Which is not true. There's something hidden behind the banging. Something like uniqueness. Can you hear it too? 40th anniversary edition on black vinyl.

Sebastian Hinz
John Hartford
Morning Bugle
Real Gone Music • 2024 • from 93.99€

John Hartford became known as the composer of the song »Gentle On My Mind«. But the musician, who died in 2001, created an extensive oeuvre as an interpreter of his own and traditional songs, between lovingly cultivated tradition and a slightly detached hippie attitude. »Morning Bugle« combines both with a great deal of humour and sometimes breathtaking virtuosity. Hartford is accompanied by bluegrass guitarist Norman Blake and jazz legend Dave Holland on bass.

Andreas Schnell
Lil Uzi Vert
Luv Is Rage
Atlantic Records • 2016 • from 49.99€

Lil Uzi Vert was as fresh-faced as a baby when he released »Luv Is Rage«. Today, the US rapper has lost his they/them pronouns but gained as many followers as he has tattoos on his face. And for good reason: everyone's pumped »7AM« at least once, and there's no need to overthink it. It's still fun, though. After all, it's 808 trap shining like ten carats under a flying fringe. The 2016 mixtape will be available on vinyl LP via Atlantic Records for Record Store Day 2024.

Christoph Benkeser
Mike Welch
Nunorthern Soul • 1981 • from 23.99€

You wake up on a Saturday or a Wednesday and the sun asks: Is today a good day? Depends on whether I have anything on, you'll whisper—and feed the espresso machine first. Then you put on »Renovations«, Mike Welch's privately pressed 1981 country club record, and think: My God, how may feelings can you possibly have in this one life? So many that you stand naked on your balcony and wave to your neighbours while taking a deep breath. Re-released on NuNorthern Soul as a black vinyl LP with heavy card insert.

Christoph Benkeser
Pat Thomas / Lalo Schifrin
Poppydisc • 2024 • from 36.99€

Chicago's Patricia Thomas was not quite 25 when she lent her warm, crystal-clear soul voice to the 12 tracks on the Bossa Nova cover classic »Desafinado«. The great thing about them: The tracks are partly titled in Portuguese, but all sung in English. A Grammy nomination and several reissues of the LP followed, but then Thomas and her special, wonderful album quickly faded into the background. Who cares whether we're sitting on the steps of Selarón staircase in Rio de Janeiro on a warm summer evening night or lounging in the jazz clubs on Chicago's South Side, as long as Thomas makes us dream. Coloured vinyl edition for Record Store Day 2024.

Nathanael Stute
Prince Far I
Cry Tuff Chants
On-U Sound • 2024 • from 50.99€

There are many photos of Prince Far I with a fat Junior-style spliff in the corner of his mouth. It doesn't explain everything, but it explains quite a lot. The rastaman was a kind of emissary for King Tubby—one who could talk to himself for hours into a microphone, which you can only understand if you listen to reggae. So, one thing you need to understand, you don't need a daily ration of Snoop for this. But it can't hurt for gaining a better understanding of »Cry Tuff Chants«. Limited reissue of 1,000 copies on On-U Sound.

Christoph Benkeser
Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers
Ubiquity • 1971 • from 31.99€

Mick Jagger finds this record as refreshing as a blood transfusion for a baby—and not just because Pucho and his Latin Soul Brothers have recorded the silkiest cover version ever of »You Can't Always Get What You Want«. But because the cover exudes such wonderfully unreasonable 1970s vibes. And anyone who was never there has fond memories of it. There have been several reissues of »Yaina« over the years. Ubiquity is releasing another reissue just in time for Record Store Day.

Christoph Benkeser
Sleep Now Forever
Night School • 2024 • from 35.99€

Sorrow's second and final album is being released on vinyl for the first time. »Sleep Now Forever« brings forth beautiful melodies. They expand out and gently caress Rose McDowall's vocals. Nineties folk rock that sounds timeless and catchy. Vinyl double LP, remastered, first time on vinyl.

Wencke Riede
Yusef Lateef
Atlantis Lullaby: The Concert from Avignon
Elemental • 2024 • from 49.99€

Yusef Lateef is often considered to be the Jazz head that played World music before World music was a thing. He preferred to speak of »autophysiopsychic music«. Sounds cerebral? It is. But not only. »Autophysio-« stands for full body commitment. All flutes, no flukes. Now, you can observe this on a previously unpublished live recording from 1972. »Atlantis Lullaby«, a quartet with Kenny Barron, Bob Cunningham, and Albert »Tootie« Heath, offers ballads, Blues, and Jazz. 180-gram vinyl edition.

Michael Zangerl