Record Store Day 2021 – 2nd Drop – 12 releases to look out for

On July 17, 2021, the second Record Store Days this year will now take place. Again, several dozen exclusive releases have been announced. We have again picked twelve records that we want to recommend to you.
The Art Of Noise
Who's Afraid Of The Art Of Noise?
Island Records • 1985 • from 17.99€
When sampling was still an exotic gimmick of weird stage personas calling themselves »DJ’s« and Coil was just finding their style, *Art Of Noise had already put out a style-setting work that they wouldn’t be able to top themselves. The roughly 40-minute »Who’s Afraid Of The Art Of Noise?« shows the band, which disbanded in 2000, in a frenzy of experimentation when it comes to sequencing and timbres that have influenced just about everyone from online masterclasses with Timbaland to production schlock from German ’90s rap (Cappuccino) to the best US beat smiths of our time (J Dilla, Ohbliv, MF Doom) – one of those unconditional classics that far too few still know about. Nils Schlechtriemen

Beastie Boys
Aglio E Olio Record Store Day 2021 Edition
Capitol • 2021 • from 22.99€
In the mid-1990s, the world just had other things on its mind than a Beastie Boys EP, especially since the eight short (means: very short) tracks sounded mostly like hardcore and punk and the early beginnings of the band. The specification: Just loud and fast! With not even a quarter of an hour playing time: target fulfilled. And indeed, the »Aglio E Olio EP« is more than just a small pearl in the discography of the New Yorkers, but bangs well in every second. And more importantly, it’s the Beastie Boys through and through. (And on this reissue with the terribly stupidly heartfelt version of »Light My Fire«.) Björn Bischoff

Bill Fay
Time Of The Last Persecution Record Store Day 2021 Edition
Decca • 2021 • from 27.99€
In 1971, shortly after his second album was released and proved to be a commercial flop, the Decca sublabel Deram dropped British singer-songwriter Bill Fay. Today, an original pressing of »Time Of The Last Persecution« is among the few records that trade for four-figure sums even in average condition. His fans include musicians such as Jeff Tweedy, Jim O’Rourke, Marc Almond and The War on Drugs. For RSD 2021, these folk-pop gems are finally available again on vinyl in an edition of 700 copies. Harry Schmidt

Consenting Adults Record Store Day 2021 Edition
Elemental • 2021 • from 36.99€
For people who listen to jazz on record, these recordings did not exist. Until now. Because “Consenting Adults,” recorded by five young jazz players on Christmas Day 1994 in New York City, has so far only been released on CD. Pianist Brad Mehldau was not 25 years old at the time, saxophonist Mark Turner and drummer Leon Parker were not 30, guitarist Peter Bernstein and bassist Larry Grenadier were somewhere in between. Youngsters, seekers, talents, musicians who don’t have to prove anything to anyone, just make music. That’s what they do here, with The Messengers, Coltrane and Miles in mind and – what they don’t know yet – a world career ahead of them. So now on record, heavy 180 grams, remastered from the original tapes. Sebastian Hinz

Strays With Rabies Record Store Day 2021 Edition
Spillage Village / Empire • 2021 • from 25.99€
Released only as a CD five and a half years ago, »Stray With Rabies,« the second album from hip-hop duo EarthGang, makes its vinyl debut for RSD 2021. Like OutKast, WowGr8 and Johnny Venus hail from Atlanta, Georgia, and like the poster boys of Southern rap, the two Spillage Village members like to serve up their hip-hop, usually drenched in psychedelic sound design, with a big helping of soul, funk and a dash of country. Limited to 2,000 copies, the vinyl 2LP comes on colored vinyl. Harry Schmidt

KMD (MF Doom & Subroc)
Mr. Hood: 30th Anniversary Edition Record Store Day 2021 Edition
Get On Down • 2021 • from 42.99€
Hip hop heads jizz in their baggies when someone puts on this record. 1991, New York, melting pot for boom-bap beats, funk samples and lyrics that told more about life on 16 Bars than Tik Tok does about Dieter Bohlen today. KMD crashed into this golden year with »Mr. Hood« – an album that puts De La Soul in its pocket and adds two chapters to the »Low End Theory«. It’s obvious that MF Doom had a hand in it. For the thirtieth there are 30 candles and a freshly pressed disc! Christoph Benkeser

Manfred Krug
Jazz-Lyrik-Prosa Record Store Day 2021 Edition
AMIGA • 1968 • from 25.99€
From »Jazz und Lyrik« and from »Lyrik Jazz Prosa« becomes »Jazz Lyrik Prosa« – sounds complicated, but it is not at all. This vinyl 2LP summarizes for the first time the best of the two successful programs of former GDR entertainment. Whether it’s Liebling Kreuzberg-Krug, Eberhard Esche or the Jazz-Optimisten Berlin: Here they deliver. Jokes, jazz classics like »My Funny Valentine« or simply scat interludes – you immediately understand why the GDR citizens were addicted to this fun for over a decade. Lars Fleischmann

Nubya Garcia
Source - Our Dance Record Store Day 2021 Edition
Concord • 2021 • from 22.99€
There is no doubt among friends of Nu Jazz that »Source« by Nubya Garcia was one of the best records of 2020. The idiosyncratic mixture of Caribbean sounds, grime and juicy saxophone interludes was overwhelming. Now four remix versions flutter in: Mark de Clive-Lowe is as always a guarantor for spectacular variation, DJ Tahira from Brazil represents South America, the London through-starter Shy One brings her superstar potential to the streets and Makaya McCraven of course does magic again. Lars Fleischmann

R. Stevie Moore
Freedom Vs. Fate Record Store Day 2021 Edition
O Genesis • 2021 • from 30.59€
The American DIY pioneer R Stevie Moore has recorded about 400 albums on cassette since 1968. Musically influenced by the Beatles, the Beach Boys and the Mothers Of Invention, he usually records his tracks between lo-fi pop and experimental sounds with a four-track tape recorder. On the occasion of Record Store Day, the American multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter now releases a limited triple longplayer with completely unreleased material. Andreas Brüning

Ruud Bos
OST Naakt Over De Schutting
Music On Vinyl • 2021 • from 30.99€
The Dutch orchestra leader and pianist Ruud Bos has written around 2,000 songs and composed an immense number of film, TV and theater scores. One of his masterpieces is the soundtrack to the 1973 B-movie »Naakt Over De Schutting«: in contrast to the now crude and unintentionally comical »Sriller« (short for »sarcastic thriller«: a genre invention that failed to catch on) by Frans Weisz, jazz funk, easy listening and breaks tracks like »Naked Plus,« »Get It Now« or »Model Session« have the makings of an evergreen. »Hey, A Letter Came Today« is interpreted by the late »Emmanuelle« star Sylvia Kristel. The audiophile 180-gram pressing of this RSD reissue in white vinyl is limited to 1,000 copies. Harry Schmidt

The Sisters Of Mercy
BBC Sessions 1982-1984 Record Store Day 2021 Edition
Warner • 2021 • from 55.99€
Dark Wave is something the inclined listener has to take seriously to get on board with the Sisters Of Mercy. But the BBC Sessions, which are accessible for the first time ever in physical form on Record Store Day, offer a good introduction, as with so many bands. After all, the Brits already got the essence of their sound from the legendary John Peel – including a cover of Dolly Parton’s »Jolene« and early recordings of later singles. Sturdy collection from a band that is very important to their genre. Björn Bischoff

Thai Elephant Orchestra
Thai Elephant Orchestra Record Store Day 2021 Edition
Northern Spy • 2021 • from 37.99€
Two quirky composers from the States – one a violinist in a punk blues combo called The Kropotkins, the other co-operator of the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre in Lampang – put their heads together with a half-dozen elephants and make many human musicians of the Western hemisphere look darned old and staid. Abstract, somehow highly meditative but equally infused with a strange urgency, the pieces echo the feel of the largest land mammals like no other release in history – conducted improvisations of spiritual grandeur, so to speak. Nils Schlechtriemen