Record Store Day 2020 – 3rd Drop – 12 releases you should look out for

On October 24, 2020 the third of three Record Store Days will take place this year. More than 120 exclusive releases have been announced. We have picked out twelve records that we would like to recommend to you.

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100 Flowers
Drawing Fire Expanded Record Store Day 2020 Edition
In The Red • 1984 • from 29.99€
Originally released as a 5-track EP on Happy Squid, »Drawing Fire« is released for the RSD 2020 in a version expanded with seven single tracks and compilation contributions. In 1984, at the time of their release, the trio, which was renamed to 100 Flowers at short notice, was already history again. A decade later, John Talley-Jones and Kjehl Johansen, who reunited in 1989 in the SST act Trotsky Icepick, and Kevin Barrett appeared again as The Urinals. On »Drawing Fire« you can find out why the formation, founded in 1978 in Los Angeles, is considered an important influence for bands like Minutemen, Hüsker Dü or Saccharine Trust: Three minutes with rarely more than two chords, shouted lyrics shortened to haikus – style-forming punk rock minimalism. Harry Schmidt

Bardo Pond
On The Ellipse Purple Record Store Day 2020 Edition
Fire • 2003 • from 37.99€
Extended trips with threatening time travel jams score without ending up as a Floyd quote? Bardo Pond cultivated this self-imposed claim a quarter of a century ago, when in the mid-1990s they launched a series of contemporary space rock gems, which reached its temporary peak in 2003 with »On The Ellipse« – in songwriting, in the use of effects, in the interaction of the Gibbons brothers with Isobel Sollenberger’s trance-like vocals. The mellow comedown for autumn evenings in love, re-released on RSD 2020 as a purple vinyl version for the first time in 17 years. Nils Schlechtriemen

Dexter Gordon
The Squirrel Record Store Day 2020 Edition
Parlophone • 1978 • from 31.99€
Hard bop specialist Dexter Gordon caused as much of a sensation on the Copenhagen scene in the late 1960s as the Corona slingshot in the White House with the Danish government this year. The latter wanted to buy Greenland, Dexter Gordon simply massaged the tenor saxophone. The 6′5 ft tall man fell under the influence of Lester Young, was never as farsighted as John Coltrane, but in 1967 he played »The Squirrel«, a concert in the legendary Jahhzus Montmartre, which still makes your ears water. Christoph Benkeser

The Ex
All Corses Smell The Same Record Store Day 2020 Edition
Superior Viaduct • 1980 • from 14.99€
That The Ex, the improvising avant-garde collective open in all directions, once founded by four autodidacts in a squatted house in Amsterdam, is probably somewhat well known. What is less well known is that their first single, »All Corpses Smell The Same« from 1980, which had long since gone out of print, was about to burst the punk-rock corset that was already somewhat worn out at the time. Thanks to Superior Viaduct, the single of the album of the same name can now be listened to again on vinyl.Andreas Schnell

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib
Pinata: The 1974 Version Black Vinyl Edition
Madlib Invazion • 2014 • from 30.99€
Grifty Blaxploitation on hard plastic, carved in slow motion by the Londoners of Metropolis Mastering, with the most delicate fine tuning and on top of that »The Harder They Come« memorial cover. Freddie Gibbs and Madlib don’t let themselves go and present the rap record of the year 2014 in a decadently designed »1974« version, for which the smoky, highly jazzed-up gangsta impetus was refined in fresh frying fat for an extra long time. Flext at all corners and ends with flowfitness, so: lay on. Just put it on. Nils Schlechtriemen

Frumpie One Piece / Frumpies Forever Record Store Day 2020 Edition
Kill Rock Stars • 2020 • from 58.99€
Frumpies were a lofi punk band from Olympia, Washington, who achieved cult status with songs like »I Just Wanna Puke On The Stereo«. Band members hissed into the mike during the Riot Grrrl movement in the nineties, drummer Molly Neuman made the clappers for the legendary Bratmobile, together they released a few 7inches on Kill Rock Stars and retired into punk at the beginning of the new millennium. Guitars from the dirtiest garage in the USA. Christoph Benkeser

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Guided By Voices
Vampire On Titus Opaque Yellow Record Store Day 2020 Edition
Scat • 1993 • from 27.99€
For many Guided By Voices fans, it seems understandable that »Vampire on Titus« stands in the shadow of its predecessor »Propeller« and successor »Bee Thousand«: The combo around Robert Pollard never sounded more under-produced than on their 1993 album. But it can also be seen differently, after all, Guided By Voices are considered pioneers of the lo-fi genre: in this respect, the 18 songs on it can also be understood as the most valid formulation of the sound aesthetic they have significantly influenced. With the first reprint since 1996, the label Scat, already responsible for the first release, is making this semi classic available again in a new master cut for the RSD 2020. Harry Schmidt

Miles Davis
Double Image: Rare Miles From The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions Opaque Red Record Store Day 2020 Edition
Columbia • 2020 • from 28.99€
This release is the link between jazz, funk and rock, between the first and second half of the 20th century. At least roughly. »Bitches Brew« by Miles Davis remains a mystery and masterpiece to this day. When he once said that he had fundamentally changed the music several times, he probably meant (also) this milestone. In keeping with Record Store Day, there are now ten rare tracks from the sessions between August 1969 and February 1970, which featured such gifted musicians as Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter. Here for the first time on vinyl. Björn Bischoff´

Pascal Comelade
Sentimientos Record Store Day 2020 Edition
Etats-Unis • 1982 • from 30.99€
A sensation for lovers of minimalist music is this reissue of the French-Catalan composer Pascal Comelade. The 20 tracks, often only one or two minutes short, exude a playful, organic lightness. Comelade himself has recorded most of his own compositions on a Revox two-track machine with speaking titles such as »Wyatt Ah Um«, »Lettre De Mozart À Sa Petite Cousine« or »Still Life With Goldfish« – often on toy instruments. He has also covered Brian Eno, Eric Satie, Georges Bizet and Kevin Ayers. Original editions are traded for three-figure amounts. Limited to 750 copies, the first reissue since the first publication in 1982 will be released on RSD 2020. Harry Schmidt

Ryuichi Sakamoto
OST Black Mirror Smithereens Record Store Day 2020 Edition
Music On Vinyl • 2020 • from 30.99€
Na siggi! Who, if not Ryuichi Sakamoto, should turn on the soundtrack to one of the best »Black Mirror« episodes ever? Between the lines of hostage drama scenes, »Smithereens« shows how we might really get used to a muted togetherness away from the antisocial media garbage dumps and instead let clicks, likes and feeds guide our thinking. Yes, yes, a little used up criticism, but rarely so pointedly realized and, thanks to Sakamoto’s ambient miniatures, expectably accompanied by a film. Now as black and white marbled 180g vinyl including brilliant sleeve design by Carsten Nicolai (Alva Noto).. Nils Schlechtriemen

Cleveland Confidiental Orange Record Store Day 2020 Edition
Superior Viaduct • 1978 • from 21.99€
Punk was London, punk was New York, punk was Los Angeles. Cleveland, Ohio didn’t even have punks on the screen at that time, who did their Iros to the Dead Boys or Pere Ubu. But: The area was fucked up, the times were shitty, the urge to rip your throat out of your bloated body was just too big to stand in line at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Songs from bands like Jazz Destroyers (»Love Meant To Die«) or Easter Monkeys (»Cheap Heroin«) set the tone. »Cleveland Confindetal,« even. Just right for second dates or funerals. Christoph Benkeser

OST The Virgin Suicides Dusty Pink Record Store Day 2020 Edition
Ryko Rhino • 2000 • from 34.99€
Whoever thinks of Sofia Coppola slurps his way through non-places with Bill Murray. In 1999, the director shot a drama-monkey with »The Virgin Suicides« in which even the Catholic association of »A Heavenly Family« looks like a drug party in the toilets of the Panorama Bar. The soundtrack bangs with washed-up pop from bands like 10cc and The Hollies like a wet fever dream of people who have seen all of Greta Gerwig’s films at least twelve times in addition to Dad’s record collection. Christoph Benkeser

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