12 releases to look out for on Record Store Day x Black Friday 2023

We’ve dug through the list of releases announced exclusively for Record Store Day x Black Friday 2023 and brought you a selection of twelve records we’ve unmasked as possible highlights.
13th Floor Elevators
Bull Of The Woods
Culture Factory • 2023 • from 38.99€

That this album would be the last of the US rock band was probably only known to the five members at the time of its release in 1969. A year earlier, while they were working on "Bull Of The Woods" in the studio, they realised that the peak time of their existence as a band had come. Not a good omen for the 13th Floor Elevators, but for what they produced despite this - the record has absolute classic status in the rock genre. Black and White Vinyl Edition.

Wencke Riede
Charles Mingus
Candid • 2023 • from 38.99€

In 1960, Charles Mingus came across Gold. The newly founded label Candid had invited the bandleader to record some sessions. Thanks to complete artistic freedom, Mingus was able to try out unusual ensemble combinations. The result was three top-class albums that would establish the double bassist in the pantheon of jazz. 63 years later, Candid digs up unreleased recordings of these sessions.

Michael Zangerl
De La Soul
3 Feet High And Rising
Chrysalis • 2023 • from 89.99€

Three Kids, De La Soul, their first record, or: the most critical, some say, because Prince Paul, the producer, helped himself to the buffet of music history, from Steely Dan to Cash to Kraftwerk, everything was there and the beginning of everything: "3 Feet High and Rising"! In addition, there were stories from the street and nonsense in your head, which you didn't have to invent at 15 in the eighties, just allow.That's what the record companies thought years later when they had to clear every single sample.For Record Store Day x Black Friday 2023, the whole thing will now be released in a limited 7inch box.

Christoph Benkeser
Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson
Winter In America
Culture Factory • 2023 • from 38.99€

The best of not a few joint albums by musician-poet Gil Scott-Heron and keyboardist-flutist Brian Jackson. Blues, soul and jazzy vibes in minimalist arrangements are the basis for Scott-Heron's comments on the social reality of African Americans in 1974. The influence of the album on hip-hop and neo-soul: huge. First reissue in almost 20 years, black and white vinyl with inside-out effect, gatefold cover with OBI strip and printed inner sleeve.

Albert Koch
Jesus Lizard
Real Gone Music • 2023 • from 49.99€

Founded in Chicago in 1987, The Jesus Lizard have been known for their relentless noise rock ever since. They also prove this with their sixth studio album "Blue", released in 1998, with which they mercilessly turn away from the mainstream. What might have been too uncommercial, too weird and too loud back then is exactly the magic inherent in this record today. Limited reissue as blue vinyl edition, exclusively at Record Store Day x Black Friday 2023.

Wencke Riede
Joni Mitchell
Court And Spark Demos
RhIno • 2023 • from 41.99€

"Court and Spark" is the most commercially successful album by one of the most influential musicians of our time. Now previously unreleased demos are being released that were made in the run-up to the 1974 album. Why listen to demos when the finished album… well, because they are closer and more intimate in their rawness! If you like Joni Mitchell without pomp, you'll find it here.

Pippo Kuhzart
Galt MacDermot
Ghetto Suite
Tidal Waves Music • 1972 • from 35.99€

In his late 40s, Galt MacDermot could have let it go, the hippies of Hair had taken a good chunk out of his composer's account.But MacDermot didn't spend it all on good humour, he said: enough musicals, now jazz!So he made a few notes, and in the studio it was "Black is Beautiful".Half the East Coast later kissed his feet for that. That's probably why "Ghetto Suite" is one of his most expensive records on Discogs. Tidal Waves is now pulling the sharks' teeth.

Christoph Benkeser
Meat Puppets
Forbidden Places
Real Gone Music • 2023 • from 49.99€

According to them, their best album was "Forbidden Places", which is why this fifth Meat Puppet record was unjustly overlooked back in 1991, when leather jacket moustaches and cowboy boot gangs were not yet so hip and kids smelled more like Teen Spirit than fragile masculinity. In any case, the dadrock vibe of "Forbidden Places" didn't come from the major-label move that made Meat Puppets musical neighbours of ZZ Top, their favourites. It's just always been there. And that's okay, someone has to be able to afford the opulent reissue on Real Gone Music.

Christoph Benkeser
Mike James Kirkland
Hang On In There
Ubiquity • 1972 • from 29.99€

Mike James Kirkland grew up in Mississippi, sang in a gospel group, at some point came the late sixties and the Curtis Mayfield records, for which one packed one's bags and moved to California. That is the starting point for "Hang On In There", which the man with the sonorous name Mike James Kirkland recorded with his brother in 1972. It sounds like a cross-section of Gil Scott-Heron's preaching and Marvin Gaye's string-poaching missionary music. No wonder John Legend got wind of it one day.

Christoph Benkeser
My Father My King
Rock Action • 2001 • from 23.99€

One of the longest singles in music history. "My Father My King" runs over 20 minutes.It is the reinterpretation of the traditional Jewish supplication "Avinu Malkeinu" by the Scottish post-rock band Mogwai.Three guitars between quiet passages and epic widescreen sound, noise outbursts, feedback and distortion. File under: Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Music". Single-sided vinyl 12" white vinyl and first reissue since the 2001 release, limited to 2,000 copies.

Albert Koch
World Is A Ghetto
Rhino • 1973 • from 142.99€

I'm a passionate critic of the idea that the music world used to be cooler. However, the band War seriously puts me on the defensive. In 1973, "World Is A Ghetto" was the best-selling album in the US. With socially critical lyrics, life-affirming funk and psychedelic jazz, War invite you to dance. If, according to Antonio Gramsci, politics is like a trench warfare, one can only hope to share a trench with War. Their 50th anniversary is commemorated by the RSD reissue with a collector's edition.

Michael Zangerl
Various Artists
Light In The Attic & Friends
Light In The Attic • 2023 • from 52.99€

One of the most famous reissue labels of the last ten years doesn't release a reissue for a change. Instead, Light In The Attic delivers a beautifully presented record with 20 unreleased cover versions. Soulman Charles Bradley covers Sugarman Sixto Rodriguez, avant-garde great Leslie Winer the great folker Tim Buckley. Unlikely combinations, lovingly presented on "Light In The Attic & Friends" in coloured vinyl and with thick, fat liner notes.

Pippo Kuhzart

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