Fred P – 10 All Time Favs

Foto: Nick Lapien / © Mule Musique
We ask musicians to list and comment on 10 records by which they have been formed, mended and educated. This time, the producer and DJ Fred P takes on the task.

To say that Fred Peterkin has been busy lately would be an understatement. The New York-based producer, DJ and founder of his very own Soul People Music imprint has put out numerous EPs and LPs in the past few years under various monikers and shows no signs of stopping in 2015. On the contrary.

After his debut album as FP-Oner has just been released by Japan’s Mule Musiq several other records with Peterkin’s name on them hit the shelves, among them contributions to Soul People Music’s sublabel Boards as FP197, outtakes from his album recording session for the last Black Jazz Consortium LP, the brilliantly curated New York House compilation »Selected: Compiled By Fred P« and several of his signature remixes – dubbed »Reshapes« – for various artists.

For us, Peterkin took the time to look to revisit not only his own output, but also current favourites you will most likely hear in his DJ sets these days. As with all Fred P productions it should go without saying that this list features only the deepest and grooviest cut out there.

1 – »Let me go (Fred P Reshape)« by Marc Miroir feat. Elif Biçer
taken from the EP »Let Me Go Remixes« by Marc Miroir feat. Elif Biçer, Paso 2015
find it at on 12inch

This is the first release I got to work with Elif Biçer. When I heard the original tune I totally saw where I could fit. Great record all around.

2 – »SS1« by DJ Qu, Secret Sundaze 2015
This record is a classic perfect peak time music. Also some moodiness for good measure. This is DJ Qu in his element.

3 – »Brother’s« by Move D & DJ Jus-Ed, Underground Quality 2015
find it at on 2x12inch

Another classic release on the unstoppable Underground Quality. Every track raises the bar. When these two work together it’s pure magic.

4 – »Raw Trax Vol. 1« by FP197, Boards 2015
find it at on 12inch

This is the first full FP197 release on Boards. A stripped back minimalist DJ tool for those who know where to place this sort of rhythm.

5 – »5« by FP-Oner, Mule Musiq 2015
find it at on 2LP

Another first for a new moniker FP-Oner. Also my first vinyl full length for the legendary Mule Musiq.

6 – »Recoded: Reshapes And Outtakes Pt. 1« by Black Jazz Consortium, Soul People 2015
This project is special to me. I mention it because if you’re a fan of the Black Jazz Consortium project this is a rare look at the vault after a album project is completed. These are some of those tracks.

7 – »Euphonium The Album« by Patrice Scott, Sistrum 2015
Find it at on 2LP

This album is a work of art by a master. A long time coming and definitely worth the wait.

8 – »Polyrhythmic Theme (Fred P Reshape)« by Kate Simko & Tevo Howard
taken from the EP »Theme Track« by Kate Simko & Tevo Howard, Last Night On Earth 2015

First time working with both these amazingly talented artists. The original takes you on a voyage that you hope never ends. I do my best to show a alternate side to this concept with the reshape.

9 – »Selected: Compiled By Fred P« by Fred P, Soul People 2015
find it at on 2LP

In the tradition of underground music from New York this compilation brings together music from artists you would not normally know unless presented to you. It was a great pleasure as well as a labor of love to bring this project to life.

10 – »Jus-Nomaly« by Jus-Ed, Underground Quality 2015
Jus-Ed has a signature sound but this project shows that he is taking it to a different level sonically. I totally dig this record. It inspires me to keep pushing forward.