Brussel jazz combo Echt! comes to Berlin for a concert


Echt! are coming to Berlin. On July 28, 2023, the band from Brussels will give a concert at Club Gretchen. Those who have seen the four studied jazz musicians with trap in their blood live, know: this will not be a normal concert, but a club experience. Echt! play electronic music – with analogue instruments.

Just sink with it

In the past, Echt! used to cover tunes by Aphex Twin or J Dilla. In the meantime, two albums with their own compositions have been released. The latest, ¸»Sink-Along«, has just been released on Sdban Ultra.

The club and the DJ sets there inspired Echt!’s approach, says Dorian Dumont, keyboardist of Echt! in the interview. “In the beginning, we were afraid that the audience wouldn’t understand where we fit in. Because we are not a jazz band or an electric band, but a mixture of both. In the meantime we know: It’s a strength of Echt! that you can’t define us.« You can experience this strength in Berlin this July.

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28Jul 23
Berlin • Gretchen Club
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