Flo Filz – New Album: »Close Distance«

FloFilz releases a new album. It is titled »Close Distance« and will be released on April 8,.2022 via Melting Pot Music. A limited Orange Vinyl Edition of 400 copies will be available exclusively at _yours truly_ HHV Records.

FloFilz studied classical music in Aachen and played in various orchestras. Meanwhile, he has long been known for his lo-fi, soul and jazz-influenced sound, which he combines with atmospheric hip-hop beats. In 2022, the musician and producer has already given a sneak peek into his upcoming album with his song »Uteki« as well as the double single »Early Waves/Nacré«. For his latest single »Levada« he even invited the British jazz and hip-hop trio Dal to join him. His album »Close Distance« is now scheduled for release on April 8, 2022 on the Cologne-based label Melting Pot Music.

On the 16-song release, FloFilz collaborated with British jazz greats Alfa Mist and Blue Lab Beats, London R&B artists Jerome Thomas and KeepVibesNear, and Cape Town neo-soul singer Hunter Rose, among others. But in addition to various music giants, »Close Distance« also has its finger on the pulse. During the pandemic, we lived and still live at a distance and social distance. With his new album, the artist will succeed in closing this palpable distance through his music.

A limited Orange Vinyl Edition of 400 copies will be available exclusively from yours truly HHV Records.

01 Hidden Portal
02 Early Waves
03 Sensitive (feat. Jerome Thomas)
04 Nacré
05 Skybox (feat. Blue Lab Beats)
06 Monkeyflower (Interlude)
07 One4Dumile
08 Dust On The Curb (feat. Summers Sons & C.Tappin)
09 Levada (feat. DAL)
10 Orbit ° Sundog
11 Mount Rakko
12 Seaside Dreams (feat. Hunter Rose)
13 Uteki (feat. Alfa Mist)
14 Warplude
15 Half Nine (feat. KeepVibesNear)
16 Ajar

»Close Distance« by FloFilz will be release April 8, 2022 via Melting Pot Music.