KUF play electronic music with such real instruments live in Berlin


KUF will be performing at Gretchen in Berlin on April 17, 2024. You can look at everything from a Macro perspective, after all, the trio plays electronic music, but – look mum, no computer – on real bass and drums and the sampler is also real. KUF are real musicians, and because you quickly end up with free improvised jazz, the complete KUF line-up with Tom Schneider on synthesiser, Valentin Link on double bass and Hendrik Havekost on drums should also be mentioned here.

Re:Re:Really Good

Four KUF albums have been released via Macro, the local label run by Stefan Goldmann and Finn Johannsen. On »Re:Re:Re« from 2020, the trio plays tracks by Patrick Cowley and Santiago Salazar. With »Yield«, KUF push the boundaries of the remix. Does that mean you can call their techno output fusion jazz? Hardly. But anyone who asks themselves that at Berlin’s Gretchen hasn’t got the hang of it anyway.

KUF In Concert
17Apr 24
Berlin • Gretchen
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