Azu Tiwaline & Al Wootton

Alandazu EP

Livity Sound • 2022

The impressive vastness of the Sahara meets the dazzling hussle and bustle of London. Azul Tiwaline and Al Wootton synthesise their two perspectives into a sound that is driving and at the same time dissected by gaps. The Brit and Tunisian are connected by their bent for a clear, tangible sound. The matte-tinged basslines and hollow-sounding percussions, which clatter and jangle throughout, give »Alandazu« a sense of distortion and expansiveness, but at the same time make for its hypnotic effect. Azu Tiwaline and Al Wootton manage to maintain this feeling on the opening track »Blue Dub«, despite its fast hammering bassline and tinny clang. The track rocks at high speed to an almost cacophonous climax of cold timbres – maximally stress-inducing, but also maximally captivating. »Nine Points« moves into other realms. Entirely geared towards the catchy rhythm, the track high tails towards the dance floor with an earthy boom and quirky hi-hats. The closing track »Last Scene«, in contrast, sums up the organically cold, similarly attractive aura of the EP: while synths thump into disorientation, pads swirl menacingly and the percussion clatters like the hooves of highly strung horses. The cool sound elements arranged in mesmerising rhythms make the magic of »Alanduzu« so that you are only too happy to surrender to it.