Benedikt Frey


Malka Tuti • 2023

Benedikt Frey released his mini-album »1987« only at the end of last year, which furthered his growth as a musician and finally stopped him from being pigeon-holed. At first he was loosely associated with House, but on »Recall« he follows a clearly ambiguous path. The four tracks sound confusing, ethnic interjections, hackneyed voice samples and crooked melodies ooze over odd beats that process rave and hardcore influences and, in the case of »Wonky System«, seem more like a slower version of The Prodigy. The introductory title track has a powerful rumbling low end and places the Drum and bass capers strangely far apart, almost monolithically next to each other, instead of allowing them to enter into a dialogue. Frey‘s music, at least lately, always seems a little off, has no double bottom, lacks any joy. »Troll«, too, with its tinny drumming, monstrous bass roll and whimpering synths, lacks anything homely, but instead offers something extremely serious, earnest and consequently reliable. While trance and pop edits rule on other floors, Frey delivers a quirky alternative to the Heads. O-Wells helps him out on the last track, which is basically one bass-heavy, psychotic build-up full of screwball melodies with no real drop – and actually, for once, there is something like humour.