Dean Blunt

Black Metal 2

Rough Trade • 2021

Interpretive approach: not a single line of the lyrics in Dean Blunt’s songs means anything. I’d argue, without proof in hand, that it’s all more or less freestyled, he’s just falling back on obvious tropes and rhyming the heck out of the simplest schemes and monosyllabic words in a trance. »It’s time you have to kill/ do you have to steal?/Can you keep it real?«. Or? OR? Super strange that even now, in the reviews of »Black Metal 2«, so many are still trying to UNDERSTAND Dean Blunt. Nobody tries to UNDERSTAND Tame Impala either. Dean Blunt must be laughing his head off, I suppose, as he keeps laying down the codes at random, referencing Dr. Dre, surf rock, roots and UK drill at will, leaving his critics panting and sweating. Connoisseurs just smoke a cigarette to it, with their hood drawn up over their chin. »Black Metal 2« is above all atmospherically dense. The intro seamlessly fits the predecessor. Everything is great musically because it really is UNIQUE. Perhaps this obsession with interpretation concerning Dean Blunt can be explained by the fact that his music sounds so strangely relevant, as if it were the only coherent setting in the post-everything. This strange lo-fi orchestra with OG Badman Hapitus just sounds perfectly other-worldly. Interpretive approach: Dean Blunt wants to express that true connection has become impossible in this day and age. Here, you hear the day after the apocalypse again: Underdeveloped AI avatars sext and threaten via WhatsApp while using an astonishingly small vocabulary.