DJ Balduin

Concrete Mimosa

KANN • 2023

If you want to understand DJ Balduin, you only have to dig into the catalogue of his label GLYK. There is not always an obvious connection between La Monte Young adaptations for the techno floor, cosmic lo-fi wave, traditionalist electro and the Leipzig native’s own productions, and yet everything fits together somewhat seamlessly. The same can be said of the producer and DJ’s second album, which is his second release for the KANN lab after the single »Da Float,« also included here in a revised form. Airy breakbeats with scratching effects and pop vocal snippets, slick IDM techno with gruff basslines, psychedelic-psychotic Balearic abstractions with odd language course samples, Traumprinz sound-alike music topped off by Omar-S basslines, gnarly synth lines on dramatic pads and half a handful of ambient drone interludes: »Concrete Mimosa« offers all this and much more, and more importantly knows how to integrate the ambitious mixture of these always syncretic tracks—why settle on one genre when you can just as well fuse together two to fourat once?—into a meaningful flow. This album seems to have everything, and yet sounds like nothing before.