Interstellar Funk

Into The Echo

Dekmantel • 2022

Dutch artist Olf Van Elden switches effortlessly between genres, tempos and sounds in his sets. For his debut album »Into The Echo« on the Amsterdam label Dekmantel, the DJ has compiled an eclectic mix of club-ready beats, driving basses, oscillating frequencies and hypnotic melodies under his alias Interstellar Funk. With a total of 10 tracks, Olf Van Elden succeeds in creating a interplay of melancholy and euphoria, which takes up both gloomy but also cutely playful and exciting moods. Interstellar Funk, however, has not only shone previously as a fixture in the Dekmantel line-up, but also with earlier releases on labels like Rush Hour, L.I.E.S. and Berceuse Heroique. Into The Echo combines vocal iterations with hypnotic samples and machine-like industrial. In the process, a mystical presence weaves its way through the eponymous title track as well as the two tracks Octave Echoes and Northern Winds which was created in collaboration with JASSS. On his penultimate album track, Crickets at Night, featuring Amsterdam producer Loradeniz, Van Elden shifts from eerily gloomy ambient to ticking metronomes striking the witching hour to ceremonial drums and haunting vocals. Interstellar Funk’s album closes with the title track Into The Echo, which, with its driving, timeless mood, not only storms the dancefloors at dawn, but also heats up the beach parties at high noon.