Mechanical Moon

Live At Robert Johnson • 2023

Irakli released his debut album »Major Signals« on Dial two years ago. Even back then, the Georgian-by-choice Berliner made it clear that he didn’t think much of full-length club bangers. Although the Detroit heritage of electronic music shone through, the sonic signature only partially corresponded to common club tropes. This impression is reinforced on »Mechanical Moon«. Over eight tracks, clocking in at just over half an hour, the album floats through weightless space. On »Cell Sculpture«, electric guitars and clattering breakdown percussion meet haunting strings and synths from Mills’ once futuristic cosmos. Fast, haptic keys are vaguely reminiscent of Barker’s beatless techno, which also strive to be more than just a tool to conquer the clubs. »Days Of Change« is even more fiddly, with synths howling uncontrollably over a hollow, mechanical rattle. The first real kick drum is introduced on »Exploration«, the intro for which goes atonal shortly beforehand. Various melodies then wrap around their uniform beat in a gravitational fashion at moderate tempo. The essence and intention of this album is concealed beneath the new, spiky synths that sparkle on »Human Satelite«, briefly giving the impression that we are dealing with a release on Mills’ The Escape Velocity label: Irakli tries to combine interstellar techno sterility with unfamiliar melodies. Time and time again he succeeds with surprising effect.