Joy Orbison

Still Slipping Vol.1

XL Recordings • 2021

It’s been over ten years since Peter O’Grady, as Joy Orbison, released one of the great last promises of British electronic music: »Hyph Mngo«. (For the other promise, check with Burial.) Dubstep, house and garage mixed there into a single that made it onto every year’s best of list. And it was one of those tracks that caused a stir even outside the genre. Which then led to confusion again. Because it followed: no album. Until today. Although it is nevertheless for some people still a recognized form of representation of art. With »Still Slipping Vol.1« now appears at least a first mixtape, as it says in the press release in advance. Whereby no one can say what is now the difference to an album. May also not matter, finally there are fourteen new tracks by Joy Orbison, which sometimes like »Froth Sipping« relaxed work on a beat or like »In Drink« more hypnotically sink into the rhythm. In the great »Born Slipping« singer TYSON leaves a few words, but otherwise even with the other features this record feels like an instrumental twilight. Beats as state description. With all the major reductions of British club music in recent years. There’s no catharsis, no climaxes. Instead, O’Grady has included voice messages from his family at several points, adding emotional depth to the atmosphere. Still, »Still Slipping Vol.1« often feels rather constricted. A track like »Better« could break out of the repetition much more and would easily be a majority hit. So it remains another sparse, small, yet great track on this record. Peter O’Grady definitely doesn’t fulfill his promise from back then with »Still Slipping Vol.1« – but delivers something far more exciting.