Ilian Tape • 2024

To sum up, four times Laksa for Ilian Tape, four times it sounds like Laksa. But what does that mean exactly? The bass music tracks are crisp and plug into the hardcore continuum, but they take it to pieces with the greatest possible technical sterility. The opener, »Tech Steppas«, rolls in half-time like an Om-Unit track and lets a lot of sonic ideas crash into a stalagmitic, gasping snare. The motto of this release by the Brit is stylistic overload with a tidy soundscape. »LEO« starts with a thick-skinned, sausage-like bassline and then adds tech-housey tribal ornaments until it reaches a crescendo. This results in something like a melody at times and, in its crammed madness, reminds one of Hessle Audio or Livity Sound. In complete contrast, »The Art Of Slip« is a straight track that seems designed for peak time. Here, too, the vocals are pretty intense and work on the cerebral membrane for some visceral fun. The drumming is superbly produced and draws its fascination from the tension between deep, wooden kicks and metallic clanging. The last number, »Enjoyment«, tips over completely into the morbid, and with its strong emphasis on the one, it should ensure a few approvingly pushed-forward lower lips on the floor. »Music is my love, music is my passion,« it says. You can say that for all four tracks.