Mumdance & Logos


Tectonic • 2015

Grime is finally having blood pumping through its veins again. In 2014, the genre had one of its biggest years in a long time: With »That’s Not Me«, Skepta stormed the charts and a few newcomers breathed new life into the genre. Producers like Mumdance and rappers like Novelist made grime have a live-cell therapy, injected with needle as big as swords. Now, right at the start of 2015, Mumdance has returned with a new record. And he has brought Logos along. He was the one who made Britain’s electric sound’s heart pump like crazy and at the same time made its blood freeze with fear when releasing his record »Cold Mission« in 2013. »Proto« has a very similar effect: It all sounds like Alien vs. Predator in the Antarctic, or like a war, machine vs. machine on the godforsaken surface of Uranus. It sounds heartless, freezing cold, and as if there was endless rotation in all of the gears. The years of ’92 and ’93 must have served as an inspiration for their sound – two years in which the jungle-sound was born in dark bunkers made of hardcore. According to Mumdance, there were hardly any rules when it came to making music. However, for »Proto«, it seems as if there’s one rule only: Each sound is to shock souls to their cores and to turn dancefloors into places of grim raving. All the basses are nothing but massive chunks of steel, the snares sharp as knives, the synths stray dogs from Chernobyl. And the rhythms? They fire away, intertwine, rattle and ruckle, and come across as chopped up monsters, living somewhere between grime, hardcore and jungle. Like a poorly synchronized army, they roll their way through bitter wasteland. Let’s say the times of blood steadily pumping through recovering veins are over. »Proto« is shedding it by the gallon onto floors cold as ice.