Lords Of The Future

Terrestrial Exploration EP

Bordello A Parigi • 2023

The title »Terrestrial Exploration EP« makes you smile wearily. Explore the earth in a spaceship? What would that sound like? Like the future? Like electro maybe? The music that promised innovative times in the eighties and nineties and has been celebrating its major renaissance for the last seven years or so? In fact, the Lords Of The Future have squeezed four tracks – which at a minimum evoke electro – onto an EP that negotiates electro motifs almost at insider level. The opening track »Subliminal Proximity« strings together supposedly clever, pseudo-scientific words delivered by a sad, semi-raw voice. »Consumer Logic« quotes Kraftwerk’s »Trans Europa Express« at the beginning and rattles around in a classic electro corset, but comes across as more human, warmer than similar pieces by current genre greats like Nite Fleit or Jensen Interceptor. This is mainly due to the vocals sung with verve, which alternate with a metallic vocoder voice. The message is once again simple, »There is a void inside in my heart to be filled/another moment of my time to be spilled«. Consumption, in this case of material goods, is the devil! »Nothing Lasts Forever« begins with unmistakable eighties synths before arpeggios usher in the electro beat. That sounds full, like retromania, and rousing. Finally, the manifesto of their own strength: »Terrestrial Exploration EP« mixes Munich sounds and Rother’s robotic vocals, sounding more tongue-in-cheek than the original. A trip that reminds us of classics like »Spacer Woman« and forces us, like the whole EP, to take the Lords Of The Future seriously.