Magda Rot

Soft Metallics

Return To Disorder • 2023

Magda Rot‘s real name is Magdalena Rojas, but she has Germanised her stage name to blend into the surroundings of her new home in Berlin. In fact, she hails from Chile, a country that might not be considered a bastion of electronic music, but which has made a name for itself in the history of electronic music thanks to (tech) house artists like Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano and Matias Aguayo, and experimental luminaries such as Nicolas Jaar and Cristian Vogel. Magda Rot has nothing to do with these genres. Her sound is dark, and is made for the dark. No wonder she released her debut EP »Soft Metallics« on Helena Hauff’s label Return To Disorder. The Hamburg-based artist already included one of Magda Red’s tracks in her contribution to the »fabric presents« series last year, and now she is offering a home to four new tracks.

The result is conventional electro in the best sense of the word, which is likely to appeal most to the basement dwelling members of the raving guild. Magda Rot clearly favours a tidy sound, isolating the individual elements of her beats and only allowing them to communicate over a distance. On »Triads«, Drexciyan windscreen wiper synths smear before the industrial chords to create a sinister that is kept up for the rest of the EP. Each track smacks into the pit of your stomach in a different way. On »Black Sense« it is the bassline, on »Coincidence« the interplay of hi-hat nervousness and soothing pads, and on »Unusual Theory« the funky synths reminiscent of overseas genre pioneers.