Mister Melt

Fever AM • 2023

Rhyw, Alex Tsiridis’s alias, is on a roll; releasing strong EP after strong EP for the Fever AM label he runs with Mor Elian. »Mister Melt« is no exception. The four tracks straddle the intersection of techno and bass music, embodying a sophisticated hipness that’s far removed from the supposedly proletarian four-to-the-floor thumpers. Hessle Audio, Livity Sound and the like know what I mean. But it’s clear from Rhyw’s live sets that he doesn’t make his music for the sake of distinction. His sets are a mix of the unpredictable and the searching, with a captivating directness that ultimately offers a real alternative to the ever-same techno treadmill. In other words, Rhyw is no poser, he just takes detours of obscure beauty. 

Like on the opener »Engine Track«, which is produced with a powerful engine sound and keeps you hooked for over five minutes. It’s not only fun on the dance floor, thanks to the engine howl meets dental drill break in the middle — the clarity of what’s happening will also make analysts grin with satisfaction under their headphones. The title track opens with a straightforward kick drum before a melody that could have been inspired by the patches of contemporary Autechre kicks in. Then the whole thing drags on with all sorts of noise. The third track, »Spritz«, shows a sense of humour with a simple, syncopated melody and turns out to be the strongest club track on this record, ignoring all taste considerations and never losing sight of the dance floor.