Robert Cotter

Missing You

WeWantSounds • 2021

In the mid-1970s, Robert Cotter was the frontman of The Big Apple Band, whose musicians included Nile Rodgers, Bernard Edwards and Tony Thompson, those musicians who then formed Chic in 1977. Two years earlier they recorded Robert Cotter’s »Missing You«. A hit album. Great singer, fantastic musicians. Funk, soul, disco, R&B. 10 songs, 34 minutes. Arranged and performed at the height of the times. The album was released in 1976 on Tiger Lily and did not sell. Not at all. But it wasn’t supposed to. Tax problems caused the label at the time to record and manufacture records, but then not sell them. The goal was to make a loss. Many copies were destroyed. The records that survived were traded at horrendous prices at the well-known record exchanges in recent years. According to the rumor, a total of about 60 records fell victim to this practice. And if all of them are anywhere near as good as this one, we can look forward to a nice flood of largely unheard music.