Vale Tudo

Mr Bongo • 2021

What is it exactly that makes Brazilian boogie funk so disarming? That more or less inevitably causes it to affect the body? It should not be concealed that there is definitely such a thing as good and bad affects. To be affected by Sandra Sa’s album »Vale Tudo« from 1983, however, cannot be wrong. Besides the singer herself, other involved greats like Lincoln Olivetti, Robson Jorge or Tim Maia make sure of that. The latter has contributed the title song and on which also his singing, a kind of Brazilian answer to »Celebration« by Kool & the Gang. In general, comparisons to US-American role models are by no means inappropriate. The own is finally added by the flowing rhythm. Even where one should feel reminded of bands like Earth, Wind & Fire, Sandra Sa has the home advantage that she provides a completely different sound with her voice and Portuguese. Another plus in this country might be that Sandra Sa didn’t used to play at parties all the time. So you can approach a music, whose biggest problem might be that you have been overexposed to it in doubt, once again from the perspective of another continent. It’s definitely worth it.