Forever Living Originals • 2021

Sault are actually S.A.U.L.T. That’s how you have to pronounce them, Questlove said in one of his DJ sets. The man from The Roots himself doesn’t know what the acronym stands for. At some point Inflo and Cleo Sol will tell us when the time comes. But the good guy has open his mouth to wide – after all, it’s not even known that Cleo Sol and Inflo are part of Sault. They don’t give interviews. They have nothing for the press. Inflo has produced the record of Little Simz. But what does that mean. Anyway, we don’t know who is in this band that no one pronounces correctly, but everyone wants to hear. No matter, the anonymous collective from the UK continues to rebel with funk against fuck-ups who wish for a world like 1890. As a white man, you can still act like the worst wappler from Wollersheim in 2021. Still. »NINE« dips all white men in hydrochloric acid, sends nice greetings from the Stax studios and holds a mass like Yeezus. It’s not folding hands, keep your mouth shut – Sault preach about the reality from the high pulpit. But from one that doesn’t smell as if the old men in the church choir had perfumed themselves with holy water. »NINE« is gospel for the head. And soul for the … well, soul.