Hackney Parrot/Helter Skelter

Poly Kicks • 2013

At the beginning of the year, Tessela’s Ed Russel founded his very own label by the name of Poly Kicks, and has thereby opened a new chapter with a bang. In relation to his previous releases for Punch Drunk, 2nd Drop and All City Dublin, he’s made quite some progress with this new 12inch. That’s easy to hear in the beats, which are much sharper, more poignant and more rakish than before. In addition, Tessela proves his boldness, because »Hackney Parrot« and »Helter Skelter« are two completely different pairs of shoes. On the six minutes long a-side, he deploys all his stylistic skills – and wins. »Hackney Parrot« is a real banger, comes forward in its tempo. Its beat-framework lies somewhere between drum’n’bass and garage, while its vocals and arrangements prove the artist’s fable for soul-music. Plus, Tessela is quite funny, throws out red herrings in order to take them apart again and laughs up his sleeve. Very British. Still, when it comes to his sense of humor, I almost prefer the four minutes b-side. »Helter Skelter« is much more dry – in its funniness as well as its production. Even more traps, more meanderings, more Wild-West-melodies coming out of nowhere and going back to that nowhere after 30 seconds. Breaks ending in mad bongo-drumming and all sorts of crazy things. Very good entertainment.