The Sugarman 3

What The World Needs Now

Daptone • 2012

Who would have thought that a forgotten evening would catch up with me 14 years later? In 1998, Sugarman 3 played in Braunschweig’s Brainclub of the size of a living room in front of 15 surprised guests – they rocked the house and then somehow disappeared again. After their last tour in 2002, all became quiet for good with Rudy Albin (drums) and Adam Scone (hammond). The saxophonist Neal Sugarman then founded the label for soul-music par excellence and has traveled the world with his (re-)discoveries Lee Fields and Sharon Jones. Not to mention his beginnings with more »insignificant« musicians like Eric Clapton, Al Green and Amy Winehouse. Now, ten years later, the time has come for Sugarman 3 to save the world. The trio has grown by the whole Dap-Kings-brigade, and just to answer the album title’s question right away: it’s hip swings and frolic! According to the stereotypical legend, what started as a jam-session soon became an album of 11 tracks full of pure session-spirit – in short: real funk-soul. Between Boogaloo, funk and soul à la Lee Field, »What The World Needs Now« is one of the most honest and unpolished records that have been released by the funk- and soul-commune in the last years. Where bands like The Bamboos, Quantic Soul Orchestra and also the Dap-Kings often sound controlled and clean, Sugarman 3 act like playful sparrows in a water basin. And damn, Adam Scone would make Hammond-god Big Jim H squeak with joy when hitting the keys.