The Sweet Vandals

After All

Sweet • 2013

In contrast to their previous low-budget artworks, the musicians around lead singer Mayka Edjole are presenting themselves surprisingly self-confident on the cover of their fourth LP. When reading through the track-list, one quickly understands where this newly found self-esteem derives from: While their first three babies were delivered by a stork (named Henry), they have grown up collecting enough unpleasant experiences in the field of releases, so that they have taken the matters into their own hands. The decision for a home birth must have been the only logical next step, especially since their music has headed that way since the very beginning. What used to be a rehearsal room full of vintage-equipment has turned into the Funkameba recording studio. It’s the origin of a new Spanish Black-Music-movement, which was started by The Sweet Vandals with »I Got You Man« in 2005. Unfortunately, I’ve been waiting for another great hit ever since, which would be comparable to their arrival-ticket into the international scene of deep-funk and soul. Of course, they are still anything but a one-hit-wonder. Their impressive live-performances prove that more than anything. The new record is also full of morse-cody guitar clickings and hammond-riffs – translatable into funky dance moves all over the world.