Waves Of Change

Delsin • 2023

Marc McInerney recently became NASA’s new Director of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. His appointment is intended to objectify the subject, in the course of which the term UFO is likely to disappear once and for all. In the future, flying saucers are to be called UAP – »Unidentified Aerial Phenomena«. Which is good for scientific respectability, but bad for explorers of extraterrestrial sound worlds like VC-118A. After »Inside« and »Spiritual Machines« his third album »Waves Of Change« has now been released on Delsin, remystifying the little green man and giving back the raison d’être to all the oddballs holed up near Area 51 in the Nevada desert. Over ten extremely well produced tracks, he uses electro tools to create music that doesn’t even need the dance floor to unfold its power. »Motherboard« creates hypnotic moments with its male and female vocals sung over a stoic beat, while »You« exercises the deepest possible listening electro in 214 fashion. »Echo Drop« indulges in interplanetary dub reggae, and »Elektri« swings the pendulum most decisively toward techno. This brief overview in itself reveals that VC-118A, despite its limited stylistic means, offers up a wide range of different playing styles and implements his cosmic techno in a different, more sparse manner than, for example, the maximalist Space Dimension Controller. And still lets you dream of making contact fore the very first time.