100% Publishing

Big Dada • 2011

Longhairs, lateral thinkers, real characters… Critics have more than enough euphemisms for people with the potential for a constant creative output, as well as the ones who are permanently standing in their own light. Wiley, for example, is such a »character«. Even though, ‘a’ character doesn’t seem quite right – in the video for Numbers In Action, he is miming a good two-dozens of them (always himself, of course) and all of them want »Dollars«, all of ’em want »Pounds«. And while one’s asking oneself, what in the world is so bad about »Euros«, it’s getting clearer how dope such a stripped-down-Bassmonster and a Wiley at his very best can be. Especially when not expecting anything great from him anymore, after the whole »I-upload-all-my-zip-files-,photoshop-a-whack-cover-and-then-you-can-go-and-f***-yourself-Asylum-Records«-incident. Luckily, that didn’t stop Big Dada from re-signing the man who helped grime taking its first steps. However, 100% Publishing has not turned out to be as revolutionary as Playtime Is Over, especially since Zeitgeist sometimes outruns even the fasted Spitter. But despite all that, on tracks like Intuition, One Hit Wonder or the title-track, the Eskiboy sounds enjoyably annoyed by the situation that he helped being maneuvered into within the last years. At parts, the stereotypical 4/4 thumping in the chorus is way over the top and, thanks to Pink Lady, a real crap-song is also on board, but all in all, 100% Publishing is mostly empowerment and the sheer joy of playing. After all, having much to prove does sound much better without that spark of bitterness.