Evolve Or Be Extinct

Big Dada • 2012

Wiley, the founder of Grime (or rather »Eskibeat«, as he prefers to call the genre), has always been an object of discussion: Is he an eternally talented musician, a loudmouthed show-off, or an unrecognized genius, after all? One’s for sure: Richard Kylea Cowie is productive, as he has proven in the last ten months by three albums, one instrumental compilation and an EP. After some label-hopping, he has now re-arrived at Big Dada and has not only talked the label into not releasing a pre-single, but also to publish Evolve Or Be Extinct on his very birthday. Hence, he has given himself the best possible birthday present, because it’s his most focused and, at the same time, most diversified album, so far. There’s not a single filler to be found between all the grime-, crunk-, soca- and electro-beats, and even a music-free parody of airports’ entry regulations (Customs) is not to be missed. Joky and sly impulses are also to be found on other tracks, but Wiley’s flow can still sometimes be characterized as an energy deriving from anger. Because, after all, he still can’t do without side blows towards his alleged rivals – but then again, what could fit better to the evolutionary theory »Survival Of The Fittest«?