World Quake Band

Everything Is On The One

Mad About • 2020

»Ultra rare most wanted monster miami boogie from the 80s.« This is the way a promotext advertises the first and only studio album of the World Quake Band. It doesn’t promise too much: »Everything Is On The One« is without a doubt fun, very fun. Founded in 1980 by Carl Crowder and quickly put on ice again, on their first and only album the combo is perfectly tuned, sounds super relaxed and still totally on the ball. Almost as if they knew that this will be their last release. Crowder plays slender funky basses in »On The One« or the wonderful »Love Dub« with lots of verve over the tactful drums of a certain Charles Hollis, while brother Alfred Crowder seduces piano and synths to casual co-grooving and sister Cathy Crowder contributes soulful vocals. However, in most of the songs, these vocals are taken over by all members, whether solo or in ensemble, which gives the World Quake Band a touch of Earth, Wind & Fire but without ever wanting to be measured by their hit density. Funk and Soul dominate, although Jazz (»Solo«) or Reggae (»Love«) or Dub as well as well-dosed ingredients bring taste to the matter. When bass and electric guitar flirt with each other and exchange string kisses with relish, the undisputedly high level of playfulness of the group becomes apparent. At the same time, there was obviously a lot of potential for improvement on subsequent albums, which unfortunately did not come to pass. As so often in history, the project was never seen again after the privately distributed first edition of the debut, until after 40 years the Portuguese from Mad About Records got involved again. It is thanks to them that we can now enjoy the record in the evening with a good wine.