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Record Store Day 2020 – 1st Drop
12 vinyl records to look out for
On August 29, 2020 the first of three Record Store Days will take place this year. More than 350 exclusive releases have been announced for this event alone. We have picked out twelve records that we would like to recommend to you.
Text Pippo Kuhzart, Andreas Brüning, Nils Schlechtriemen, Christoph Benkeser, Harry Schmidt , Translation Sebastian Hinz

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And Also The Trees – And Also The TreesVinyl LP And Also The Trees – And Also The Trees (Graveface)
Two pairs of brothers in one band: The constellation of And Also The Trees, founded in 1979 in the British Inkberrow, is similar to that of The National. Their self-titled debut album from 1984 shows the quartet still in close proximity to their sources of inspiration Joy Divison, The Birthday Party and The Cure, whose drummer and keyboarder at the time, Lol Tolhurst, was also the producer of what is now a Gothic New Wave classic. In addition to the remastered original, the RSD double LP release, limited to 2.000 copies worldwide, features six demo tracks co-produced by Robert Smith and Mike Hedges from the 1982 mini-album »From Under The Hill«, previously only available on a rare tape. Harry Schmidt  

Ben Watt with Robert Wyatt – Summer Into WinterVinyl LP Ben Watt with Robert Wyatt – Summer Into Winter (Cherry Red)
Long before Ben Watt became known to the world as producer and songwriter of the duo Everything but the Girl, this EP with former soft-machine drummer Robert Wyatt marked one of the first steps in his career. For RSD 2020, Cherry Red make this soft folk gem, released in 1982, tangible again: The five tracks are cut at 45 RPM on transparent turquoise vinyl, and the 750 copies of the limited edition come in a reverse cardboard sleeve printed with the original artwork.. Harry Schmidt

Billie Eilish – Live At Third Man RecordsVinyl LP Billie Eilish – Live At Third Man Records (Third Man)
Raise your hand if you check the »phenomenon« around Billie Eilish. The US-American has almost as many Grammys over her digital mantelpiece as she is old, but she won’t be allowed to legally go for a drink in her home country for a long time yet, which might be pretty uncool anyway, if you’re wearing Billie Eilish’s oversized sweatshirt. Since she and her producer brother made it out of the Bedroom Studio to the sold-out world tour, such subversive art projects as the acoustic session with abstract cover painting in small editions are like understatement for three-year-olds about the cult of genius. Anyone who doesn’t check it out is listening to Van Halen. Christoph Benkeser

Denzel Curry – Bulls On Parade 7“Vinyl LP Denzel Curry – Bulls On Parade 7“ (Loma Vista)
Whoever has never sipped a bowl of cornflakes in a mosh pit during this song has never lived. Period. Every metal head snorts like a bull in Pamplona after two seconds on this rodeo riff. The fact that Denzel Curry not only pumps the power of Zack de la Rocha out of his lungs, but also dissects the song in such a way, only shows what this guy can do when he’s not busy shoving the Rainbow grill in his face. Therefore: More metal, less curry. Sniff. Christoph Benkeser

The Düsseldorf Düsterboys – Im WinterVinyl LP The Düsseldorf Düsterboys – Im Winter (Staatsakt)
Time to flip up the coat collar and light the cigarette even in a lousy cold and wet headwind: A limited 10inch of the Kölner Düsseldorf Düsterboys is coming, summer was shit anyway, time for autumn. The songs on »Im Winter« are from the sessions of »Nenn Mich Nicht Musik«, one of the best German indie albums of the last few years. These songs just didn’t fit on it. But they are good anyway. More is not known about them. Pippo Kuhzart

Ennio Morricone – OST Peur Sur La VilleVinyl LP Ennio Morricone – OST Peur Sur La Ville (WeWantSounds)
This year’s Record Store Day would not be complete without the Morricone Special Edition, of course. With the 1975 soundtrack of the crime thriller »Peur Sur La Ville« no rarity is being reissued – but this special edition comes with a further record full of bonus material in addition to the original soundtrack. It contains two tracks that have never been released on vinyl before, Morricone’s completeists know what they’re talking about. Pippo Kuhzart

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Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea (A. Weatherall 7" Edit)Vinyl LP Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea (A. Weatherall 7" Edit) (FSOL)
At the beginning of the year the international club culture lost one of its great masterminds and virtuosos with Andrew Weatherall, a guy who, especially in the 90s, knew how to channel electronic music over and over again like hardly anyone else – even when he tried his hand at production-technical outsiders like The Future Sound Of London. With the remix of »Papua New Guinea«, that euphoric wanderlust classic between breakbeat, new age and prog trance, one of his best works is now available as limited Vinyl 7". Nils Schlechtriemen

John Massoni & Sonic Boom – The Sundowner SessionsVinyl LP John Massoni & Sonic Boom – The Sundowner Sessions (Space Age)
Peter Kember alias Sonic Boom was the spearhead of minimalist psychedelic rock in England in the 1980s with his band Spacemen 3. Later, he worked with the Silver Apples, Kevin Martin and Thomas Köner on his projects Experimental Audio Research and Spectrum. »The Sundowner Sessions« documents Sonic Boom’s recordings on a synthesizer specially developed for the human voice together with the American sound artist John Massoni in 2000. Andreas Brüning

Loleatta Holloway – Cry To MeVinyl LP Loleatta Holloway – Cry To Me (Tidal Waves)
Before Loleatta Holloway, whose career began in the same gospel choir as Aretha Franklin, catapulted herself into the first ranks of disco divas with hits like »Love Sensation«, the Chicago-born singer recorded two albums for Aware, which were largely denied the attention they deserved due to the collapse of Michael Thevis’ label. In particular, “Cry To Me” is a lost Southern Soul milestone that will finally receive its due vinyl re-issue on RSD 2020 – the first since it was released in 1975. Love and its failure on ten songs! Limited to 500 copies in green-black marbled 180 gram vinyl. Harry Schmidt

Nocturnal Emissions – Drowning In A Sea Of BlissVinyl LP Nocturnal Emissions – Drowning In A Sea Of Bliss (Mannequin)
To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Nocturnal Emissions, »Drowning In A Sea Of Bliss« from 1983 will be reissued this Record Store Day. In contrast to the blissful title, however, the sound collage of the project around London sound artist Nigel Ayers turns out to be a sharp-edged mixture of nervous field recordings, boiling drones, distorted loops and metallic beats, which even in the year 2020 still spreads a lot of mental uneasiness. Andreas Brüning

Penderecki, Don Cherry & The New Eternal Rhythm Orchestra – ActionsVinyl LP Penderecki, Don Cherry & The New Eternal Rhythm Orchestra – Actions (Our Swimmer)
Krzysztof Penderecki died on March 20 this year. The Polish avant-garde composer had published countless works. For this year’s Records Store Day his live recording with Don Cherry, the unfortunately also already deceased spiritual greatness, will be released – not only in jazz. »Actions« definitely leads into the light. Over and over again. You have to go through enormous storms before that, it’s just part of the program. But then a Loes MacGillycutty closes her voice into the eternal arms of her, again and again, and the way is done. Pippo Kuhzart

Philip Glass – OST Koyaanisqatsi Vinyl LP Philip Glass – OST Koyaanisqatsi (Orange Mountain Music)
More contemporary than ever before, Godfrey Reggio’s »Koyaanisqatsi« is still today an experimental essay-film and documentary art installation of human hubris, standing completely alone on a broad stage. Timelapse image streams, hypnotic nature shots and intoxicating colour floods of a species out of balance allow the film to sink into total transcultural immersion for almost 90 minutes – also and above all because of the masterful score by Philip Glass, who helped musical minimalism to unprecedented epic here. Nils Schlechtriemen

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Hudson Mohawke
Chimes EP
Those asking for Hudson Mohawke will get Hudson Mohawke. However, those waiting for HudMo, the inventor, will be disappointed.
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Dustin O'Halloran
»I really love to sculpt the notes«
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Akalepse of Truth & Soul
»It's all for love really«
Truth & Soul is home to artists like Lee Fields and The Expressions, El Michels Affair and Bronx River Parkway. Record collector and DJ Akalepse is as A&R a part of this creative circle. Valentin Menedetter met him for an interview.
Music Review | posted 15.05.2015
The Good Fight
With his lyrics, Oddisee refrains from all the rap-clichés. »The Good Fight« remains light-footed and catchy at all times.
Music Column
Records Revisited
DJ Shadow – Endtroducing (1996)
25 years ago, »Endtroducing« was released, a hip-hop album that brought Björk together with Metallica and Finnish fusion. DJ Shadow was digging in the cellar for it. And found gold. He covered what he found with a touch of melancholy and created an album that seems to have fallen out of time.
Music Portrait
Sarah Davachi
Echo of the infinity
Intensity is the word that comes to mind. In her music and in her movements. Sarah Davachi is an artist on the border between ambient, composition and drone. Her sound feels like someone stroking the soul with a fingertip. Now her new album »Antiphonals« is released.
Music Portrait
Dais Records
Sound as a collection
Between experiment and expectation, the contemporary and the past, Dais Records dares a delicate balancing act in aesthetics. Gibby Miller and Ryan Martin make waves where linearity experiences conscious disturbance – and follow the tracks of exceptional labels.
Music Portrait
Leslie Winer
The Unknown World Star
Björk, Grace Jones, Boy George and Sinéad O’Connor are among her admirers. William S. Burroughs was her mentor. Somehow, she also invented trip-hop. Yet Leslie Winer is known only to insiders today. That could change now.
Music Portrait
DJ Koco
Guest Mix
With DJ Koco, amazing mixing skills meet a selection of tremendous sophistication. Hardly anyone cuts his breakbeats tighter into each other than he does. The most amazing thing: The Japanese DJ limits himself to 7-inches in his sets.
Music Column
Records Revisited
John Coltrane – Africa/Brass (1961)
In 1961, »Africa/Brass" marked the dawn of a new age: for John Coltrane, it was the beginning of his Impulse! years, and for many African countries, the start of independence. Musically, it was probably his most ambitious effort.
Music Column
Records Revisited
Björk – Vespertine (2001)
Introverted standstill. Despite numerous positive reviews in August 2021 for the release of her fourth album “Vespertine”, Björk Guðmundsdóttir did not seem to fulfill the promise of her previous work with this record. Because this time she chose a completely different approach. Which makes »Vespertine« one of her best records to date.
Music List
Durand Jones & The Indications
10 All Time Favs
More than retro soul: Durand Jones & The Indications have been combining the past and future of the genre since their debut five years ago. Now their third album »Private Space« is released. Time to ask the band about the 10 records that have shaped, improved and educated them.
Music Portrait
Conrad Schnitzler
In the Midst of Disorder
Conrad Schnitzler, who died in 2011, is still perceived primarily for his connection to Kraftwerk or Tangerine Dream. Yet the impressive body of work that the »intermedia« artist left behind stands on its own.
Music Column
Records Revisited
Main Source – Breaking Atoms (1991)
In some ways, »Breaking Atoms,« Main Source’s full-length debut, seems to have remained a second-tier classic. But Large Professor’s production defined a signature sound for the Golden Age of Hip-Hop.
Music Column
Records Revisited
LFO – Frequencie (1991)
With »Frequencies«, the low frequency oscillators LFO from Leeds created one of the first techno albums. Their high bleeps and low clonks made history in techno music. To this day, it is an invitation, er, order to dance.
Music Column
Records Revisited
Funkadelic – Maggot Brain (1971)
With »Maggot Brain« Funkadelic 1971 goes to the dark side of funk. The triumphant pleasure principle is interspersed with dystopian eschatology, and juxtaposes the celebration of life with an oppressive doomsday mood.
Music Portrait
Hōzan Yamamoto
Meditation out of improvisation
For over five decades he pushed Japanese jazz towards spiritual spheres, without kitsch or esoteric – and just a little pathos. Above all, he garnered reputation for it back home. Even today Hōzan Yamamotos work is internationally considered an insider tip.
Music Portrait
Hoshina Anniversary
The Techno and jazz meltdown
Hoshina Anniversary makes techno. But he would rather see himself as a successor to jazz and traditional Japanese music. And the Tokyo native is not alone in this. In this sense, jazz is less what you play than how you play it.
Music Essay
Jazz kissas
Where the music plays in Japan
They offer classy retreat from a world where everyone listens all the time. And they celebrate listening to music: Jazz Kissas, Japan’s unofficial cultural heritage. Journalist Katsumasa Kusunose is now documenting it.
Music Portrait
Hiroshi Suzuki
The unknown with the trombone
In 1976, Japanese trombonist Hiroshi Suzuki recorded an album. “Cat,” which is characterized less by perfection than by a fine groove, was somewhat overlooked at one time. Now you can rediscover it.
Music Essay
Small In Japan
Japan, a Vinyl Nation? Not really.
Elaborate packaging, audiophile listening bars and the highest number of record shops in the world: Japan, a vinyl paradise? No. For decades, the medium has only played only a minor role there. A cultural history of Japan’s music industry.
Music List
10 All Time Favs
Evidence is a producer, cratedigger and rapper, and one who in 15 years of career has never lost the desire to discover. Now his album »Unlearning Vol.1« is released. We asked about 10 vinyl records that have shaped, improved and educated him.
Music List
Record Store Day 2021 – 2nd Drop
12 releases to look out for
On July 17, 2021, the second Record Store Days this year will now take place. Again, several dozen exclusive releases have been announced. We have again picked twelve records that we want to recommend to you.
Music Column
Records Revisited
The Smiths – The Queen Is Dead (1986)
Released in 1986, »The Queen Is Dead« is the culmination of the British band The Smiths’ career, which lasted only five years and four studio albums. It still sounds refreshingly idiosyncratic even after so long.
Music Column
Records Revisited
Porter Ricks – Biokinetics (1996)
When Porter Ricks released the album »Biokinetics« in 1996, it was more than just a collection of their first 12inches flanked by two bonus tracks. It was a utopian attempt to expand upon the dub techno formulas.
Music Portrait
BBE Records
The influencer's influencer
Peter Adarkwah is the reason why some lives have been changed by J Dilla, why Roy Ayers experienced a second spring and why Japanese jazz albums are reviewed by Pitchfork. In other words: BBE Music turns 25 years this year.
Music List
Record Store Day 2021 – 1st Drop
12 vinyl records to look out for
On June 12, 2021, the first of two Record Store Days will take place this year. For this alone, several dozen exclusive releases have been announced. We have picked out twelve records that we would like to recommend to you.
Music Portrait
Portico Quartet
Guest Mix
»Terrain« is the name of the new album of the British band Portico Quartet, which was released these days on Gondwana Records. For us, Portico Quartet’s Jack Wyllie has put together 60 minutes of music in an exclusive DJ mix.
Music Portrait
Looking for the Infinite Loop
Densely packed with details, the sound of SSIEGE strolls along the transitions of the seasons and during the process blurs ultra-saturated pictures with cravings yet unfulfilled. With them, the Italian producer manages to tell dream tales that recur endlessly.
Music Column
Records Revisited
Marvin Gaye – What's Going On (1971)
Is it even necessary to reminisce about this album? Not really. But you can listen to it again and again. And it has remained relevant to this day, for better or worse. Marvin Gaye’s »What’s Going On« is 50 years old.
Music Portrait
Music in vacuum
Seefeel are a convergence of improbabilities. For almost 30 years they have been playing between styles, unfettered by contemporary references. Their sound remains a singularity.
Music Portrait
The Past, Re-presented
Volga Çoban’s Arsivplak label and Arşivplak edit project are two sides of the same coin: his approach to Turkish funk, disco, pop, rock and jazz is archival on the one hand and strives to shed a new light on old sounds on the other.
Music Column
Records Revisited
Grace Jones – Nightclubbing, 1981
Nightlife for androids: On »Nightclubbing«, along with one of the world’s leading rhythm sections, Grace Jones made sure that reggae and new wave would develop a new life of its own in 80’s pop.
Music List
10 All Time Favs
Since their debut »Jinx« in 2019, Crumb have been considered the next big thing in music . Now their new album »Ice Melt« is out. The perfect opportunity to ask them about 10 records that have shaped, improved and educated them.
Music Interview
Adrian Younge
Sonic history lesson
»The American Negro« marks the beginning of a new chapter in Adrian Younge’s work. It is more frontal, more politically charged, and more self-assured. He wants to teach. We had the opportunity for an in-depth interview.
Music List
Leon Vynehall
10 All Time Favs
With his new album »Rare, Forever«, British producer Leon Vynehall continues the path he started with »Nothing Is Still« 3 years ago. Today he tells us 10 vinyl records that have shaped, improved and educated him.
Music Column
Records Revisited
Gil Scott-Heron – Pieces Of A Man (1971)
He was called the “Godfather of Hip Hop” because he wrote about drugs, racism and the Divided States of America. Gil Scott-Heron’s most successful album is now 50 years old – and more timely than ever.
Music List
Jenn Wasner (Flock Of Dimes)
10 All Time Favs
With her solo project Flock of Dimes, Jenn Wasner has just released her most personal and at the same time most substantially far-reaching album. We asked the musician to name 10 Vinyl records that have shaped, improved, and educated her.
Music Portrait
Gondwana Records
Soul And Character
As a DJ and musician, Matthew Halsall became a label operator. Starting with a local focus on Manchester’s contemporary jazz scene, the trumpeter, composer and bandleader has since given his imprint Gondwana Records a fairly international focus.
Music Column
Records Revisited
Yellow Magic Orchestra – BGM (1981)
Cues for the future: on their fourth album, »BGM«, the synth wizards of Yellow Magic Orchestra drafted background music for generations to come.
Music Portrait
Important Records
Deep Listening Forever!
Whehter it’s Pauline Oliveros, Éliane Radigue, Alina Kalancea or Caterina Barbieri: For 20 years now, Important Records has been like a well-stocked record shop for exciting sounds and music that needs to be heard intensely.
Art Portrait
Vincent de Boer
Like Jazz With Brushes
Dutch artist Vincent de Boer has become a regular band member of the British jazz band Ill Considered. He draws record covers based on the grooves he hears. For »The Stroke«, the process has now been reversed.
Music Portrait
Far Out Recordings
At the epicenter of the Brazil craze
Joe Davis is the train driver whose bandwagon a whole generation of Brazil-affine producers jumped on in the mid-nineties. With his Far Out Recordings label, he became the worldwide representative of Brazilian music culture.
Music List
Aaron Frazer
10 All Time Favs
»Introducing« is the name of Aaron Frazer’s first solo album. As the drummer of Durand Jones & The Indications, however, he is by no means an unknown name. So musically it’s off to the sixties. He tells us what actually influenced him musically.
Music Portrait
On The Corner
Bangers for the backroom
With his label On the Corner Records, Pete Buckenham serves a heady stew of afro-futuristic jazz concepts and contemporary street grooves beyond the genre ascriptions, and is opening the gates to the sound universe of tomorrow.