Music List | posted 18.08.2020
Record Store Day 2020 – 1st Drop
12 vinyl records to look out for
On August 29, 2020 the first of three Record Store Days will take place this year. More than 350 exclusive releases have been announced for this event alone. We have picked out twelve records that we would like to recommend to you.
Text Pippo Kuhzart, Andreas Brüning, Nils Schlechtriemen, Christoph Benkeser, Harry Schmidt , Translation Sebastian Hinz

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And Also The Trees – And Also The TreesVinyl LP And Also The Trees – And Also The Trees (Graveface)
Two pairs of brothers in one band: The constellation of And Also The Trees, founded in 1979 in the British Inkberrow, is similar to that of The National. Their self-titled debut album from 1984 shows the quartet still in close proximity to their sources of inspiration Joy Divison, The Birthday Party and The Cure, whose drummer and keyboarder at the time, Lol Tolhurst, was also the producer of what is now a Gothic New Wave classic. In addition to the remastered original, the RSD double LP release, limited to 2.000 copies worldwide, features six demo tracks co-produced by Robert Smith and Mike Hedges from the 1982 mini-album »From Under The Hill«, previously only available on a rare tape. Harry Schmidt  

Ben Watt with Robert Wyatt – Summer Into WinterVinyl LP Ben Watt with Robert Wyatt – Summer Into Winter (Cherry Red)
Long before Ben Watt became known to the world as producer and songwriter of the duo Everything but the Girl, this EP with former soft-machine drummer Robert Wyatt marked one of the first steps in his career. For RSD 2020, Cherry Red make this soft folk gem, released in 1982, tangible again: The five tracks are cut at 45 RPM on transparent turquoise vinyl, and the 750 copies of the limited edition come in a reverse cardboard sleeve printed with the original artwork.. Harry Schmidt

Billie Eilish – Live At Third Man RecordsVinyl LP Billie Eilish – Live At Third Man Records (Third Man)
Raise your hand if you check the »phenomenon« around Billie Eilish. The US-American has almost as many Grammys over her digital mantelpiece as she is old, but she won’t be allowed to legally go for a drink in her home country for a long time yet, which might be pretty uncool anyway, if you’re wearing Billie Eilish’s oversized sweatshirt. Since she and her producer brother made it out of the Bedroom Studio to the sold-out world tour, such subversive art projects as the acoustic session with abstract cover painting in small editions are like understatement for three-year-olds about the cult of genius. Anyone who doesn’t check it out is listening to Van Halen. Christoph Benkeser

Denzel Curry – Bulls On Parade 7“Vinyl LP Denzel Curry – Bulls On Parade 7“ (Loma Vista)
Whoever has never sipped a bowl of cornflakes in a mosh pit during this song has never lived. Period. Every metal head snorts like a bull in Pamplona after two seconds on this rodeo riff. The fact that Denzel Curry not only pumps the power of Zack de la Rocha out of his lungs, but also dissects the song in such a way, only shows what this guy can do when he’s not busy shoving the Rainbow grill in his face. Therefore: More metal, less curry. Sniff. Christoph Benkeser

The Düsseldorf Düsterboys – Im WinterVinyl LP The Düsseldorf Düsterboys – Im Winter (Staatsakt)
Time to flip up the coat collar and light the cigarette even in a lousy cold and wet headwind: A limited 10inch of the Kölner Düsseldorf Düsterboys is coming, summer was shit anyway, time for autumn. The songs on »Im Winter« are from the sessions of »Nenn Mich Nicht Musik«, one of the best German indie albums of the last few years. These songs just didn’t fit on it. But they are good anyway. More is not known about them. Pippo Kuhzart

Ennio Morricone – OST Peur Sur La VilleVinyl LP Ennio Morricone – OST Peur Sur La Ville (WeWantSounds)
This year’s Record Store Day would not be complete without the Morricone Special Edition, of course. With the 1975 soundtrack of the crime thriller »Peur Sur La Ville« no rarity is being reissued – but this special edition comes with a further record full of bonus material in addition to the original soundtrack. It contains two tracks that have never been released on vinyl before, Morricone’s completeists know what they’re talking about. Pippo Kuhzart

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Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea (A. Weatherall 7" Edit)Vinyl LP Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea (A. Weatherall 7" Edit) (FSOL)
At the beginning of the year the international club culture lost one of its great masterminds and virtuosos with Andrew Weatherall, a guy who, especially in the 90s, knew how to channel electronic music over and over again like hardly anyone else – even when he tried his hand at production-technical outsiders like The Future Sound Of London. With the remix of »Papua New Guinea«, that euphoric wanderlust classic between breakbeat, new age and prog trance, one of his best works is now available as limited Vinyl 7". Nils Schlechtriemen

John Massoni & Sonic Boom – The Sundowner SessionsVinyl LP John Massoni & Sonic Boom – The Sundowner Sessions (Space Age)
Peter Kember alias Sonic Boom was the spearhead of minimalist psychedelic rock in England in the 1980s with his band Spacemen 3. Later, he worked with the Silver Apples, Kevin Martin and Thomas Köner on his projects Experimental Audio Research and Spectrum. »The Sundowner Sessions« documents Sonic Boom’s recordings on a synthesizer specially developed for the human voice together with the American sound artist John Massoni in 2000. Andreas Brüning

Loleatta Holloway – Cry To MeVinyl LP Loleatta Holloway – Cry To Me (Tidal Waves)
Before Loleatta Holloway, whose career began in the same gospel choir as Aretha Franklin, catapulted herself into the first ranks of disco divas with hits like »Love Sensation«, the Chicago-born singer recorded two albums for Aware, which were largely denied the attention they deserved due to the collapse of Michael Thevis’ label. In particular, “Cry To Me” is a lost Southern Soul milestone that will finally receive its due vinyl re-issue on RSD 2020 – the first since it was released in 1975. Love and its failure on ten songs! Limited to 500 copies in green-black marbled 180 gram vinyl. Harry Schmidt

Nocturnal Emissions – Drowning In A Sea Of BlissVinyl LP Nocturnal Emissions – Drowning In A Sea Of Bliss (Mannequin)
To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Nocturnal Emissions, »Drowning In A Sea Of Bliss« from 1983 will be reissued this Record Store Day. In contrast to the blissful title, however, the sound collage of the project around London sound artist Nigel Ayers turns out to be a sharp-edged mixture of nervous field recordings, boiling drones, distorted loops and metallic beats, which even in the year 2020 still spreads a lot of mental uneasiness. Andreas Brüning

Penderecki, Don Cherry & The New Eternal Rhythm Orchestra – ActionsVinyl LP Penderecki, Don Cherry & The New Eternal Rhythm Orchestra – Actions (Our Swimmer)
Krzysztof Penderecki died on March 20 this year. The Polish avant-garde composer had published countless works. For this year’s Records Store Day his live recording with Don Cherry, the unfortunately also already deceased spiritual greatness, will be released – not only in jazz. »Actions« definitely leads into the light. Over and over again. You have to go through enormous storms before that, it’s just part of the program. But then a Loes MacGillycutty closes her voice into the eternal arms of her, again and again, and the way is done. Pippo Kuhzart

Philip Glass – OST Koyaanisqatsi Vinyl LP Philip Glass – OST Koyaanisqatsi (Orange Mountain Music)
More contemporary than ever before, Godfrey Reggio’s »Koyaanisqatsi« is still today an experimental essay-film and documentary art installation of human hubris, standing completely alone on a broad stage. Timelapse image streams, hypnotic nature shots and intoxicating colour floods of a species out of balance allow the film to sink into total transcultural immersion for almost 90 minutes – also and above all because of the masterful score by Philip Glass, who helped musical minimalism to unprecedented epic here. Nils Schlechtriemen

You can find an overview of all exclusive Record Store releases in our webshop.

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The Stranger
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Boom-bap is doing it with house, beatmaking with disco-soul. Nothing out of the ordinary, but it’s played out extraordinarily well.
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Carrie & Lowell
Sufjan Stevens’ »Carrie & Lowell« is an excellent example of improving something through radical reduction.
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In Your Brain
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»It's all for love really«
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The Good Fight
With his lyrics, Oddisee refrains from all the rap-clichés. »The Good Fight« remains light-footed and catchy at all times.
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Kendrick Lamar
Creating the Balance
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Virgo Four
Born Again
The two Chicago natives Eric Lewis and Merwyn Sanders are set to make Chicago House enthusiasts go apeshit again in 2011 with a huge collection of unreleased tracks, mostly recorded prior to their classic debut. Merwyn Sanders sat down with us to talk.
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John Beltran
Ambient Works 1995-2011
Even in the title of his anthology, John Beltran evokes a direct comparison to Aphex Twin.
Music Portrait
Dark Entries
Between Disco, Goth and Porno Soundtracks
Since 2009, Josh Cheon has been running his label for underground music from the 1980s and those who want to be the next big underground hit. Next year he will have released over 300 records. We introduce you to the label from San Francisco.
Music Interview
Makaya McCraven
»I'm excavating sounds«
Makaya McCraven is one of the most leading jazz musicians of these days. Not only his hometown Chicago, but the whole world seems to be inspired by the free approach to the jazz heritage in his music. We had the chance for an interview.
Music List
Record Store Day 2020 – 3rd Drop
12 releases you should look out for
On October 24, 2020 the third of three Record Store Days will take place this year. More than 120 exclusive releases have been announced. We have picked out twelve records that we would like to recommend to you.
Music Essay
A Journey Into Turkish Music
Gastarbeiter*innen Musik
Simultaneously with the genesis of Anadolu Pop, a viral infrastructure is developing in West Germany. This »guest worker music« has always only touched the public consciousness. The economic exchange could have also been a cultural one.
Music Essay
A Journey Into Turkish Music
Anadolu Pop
Altın Gün, Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek or Gaye Su Akyol: more and more bands are again referring to the sound of Anadolu Pop, which was formed in Turkey in the 1960s. But is it a revival? We clarify.
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Record Store Day 2020 – 2nd Drop
Another 12 releases you should look out for
On September 26, 2020 the second of three Record Store Days this year will take place. More than 150 exclusive releases have been announced. We have picked out twelve vinyl records that we would like to recommend to you.
Music Portrait
Melody As Truth
On the threshold of sound and silence
With his label Melody As Truth, Jonny Nash moves between balearic and ambient. The journey leads from new age to a new art of world chamber music.
Music Interview
Kelly Lee Owens
»We store emotions in our body«
The Welsh musician released her second album »Inner Song« which wipes tears from cried-out eyes with one hand after the closing set while opening the window into everyday life with the other. A conversation with Owens about rave memories, trauma sessions and her challenge with Four Tet.
Music List
Harmonious Thelonious
10 All Time Favs
With »Plong« Stefan Schwander shakes the foundations of club music. His new solo album as Harmonious Thelonious lets everyday noises develop an eerie life of their own. He told us which 10 records have have shaped, improved and formed him.
Music List
Record Store Day 2020 – 1st Drop
12 vinyl records to look out for
On August 29, 2020 the first of three Record Store Days will take place this year. More than 350 exclusive releases have been announced for this event alone. We have picked out twelve records that we would like to recommend to you.
Music List
Jonathan Bree
10 All Time Favs
Jonathan Bree hides his face behind a latex mask. Well, right. But that’s not the most remarkable thing about the new zealander. Because he is first and foremost a first-rate songwriter. He told us which 10 records have shaped, improved and formed him.
Music Portrait
Light In The Attic
Everything Is Illuminated
For almost 20 years, the Seattle-based record label Light In The Attic has been shedding light on those releases that have been in the dark. The fact that they focused on vinyl right from the start, today the label is considered a pioneer.
Music List
Jay Glass Dubs
10 All Time Favs
»Soma« means »body« in Greek and that’s who the music of Jay Glass Dubs is aimed at. »Soma« is also the name of his new album. This was the chance to ask the Greek musician for 10 Vinyl records that formed him. He answers in, well, Greek.
Music Portrait
Contagious passion
WeWantSounds has been publishing music from the 1970s and 1980s since 2015. The name of the label is a catchphrase. When the Parisian two-man company selects the reissues, genre and country borders don‘t matter.
Music Essay
Baltic & Finnish Jazz
Removing Boundaries
While jazz from London to L.A. is evolving a fresh pop sensibility or even tries to update the fusion heritage, cool flavors between new blood and nostalgia are cultivated on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Here the genre is cosmopolitan as well and yet totally distinct.
Music Portrait
International Anthem
In search of the truth
For six years the label International Anthem from Chicago has been reliably delivering jazz with their own attitude and idea. Although the founders refuse to be ascribed almost any kind of attribution to a genre. For them, the most beautiful sound is just always: the truth.
Music Portrait
We Jazz
With emphasis on We
We Jazz, that stands for edgy, surprising jazz from the north. And also not. Since 2013 the festival has been held in Helsinki, since 2016 the label was founded. Matti Nives mainly publishes Finnish bands there. And acts as one of the most important networkers of the local scene.
Music Portrait
Roy Ayers
Warm vibrations with universal attraction
The American vibraphonist, singer, songwriter and arranger Roy Ayers is one of the most sampled contemporary musicians. With songs like »Everybody Loves The Sunshine«, the soul jazz legend, which celebrates it’s 80th birthday in September, became the main inspiration for Acid Jazz in the late 90s. His new album “Roy Ayers JID 002” on Jazz Is Dead with Adrian Younge and ex-ATCQ producer Ali Shaheed Muhammad continues his golden period of the Polydor years in the 70s seamlessly.
Music Interview
Gary Bartz
»We no longer see reality«
The Grammy-winning soprano saxophonist shared the stage with Miles Davis, Art Blakey and Max Roach. Now he has recorded an album with British outfit Maisha — and discovered something new.
Music Portrait
Infinite Holidays
For the better part of a decade now, the Dekmantel imprint from Amsterdam is successfully squaring the circle as label, festival and promoter of several events: Connecting innovation and underground with a quality standard that is by now globally recognized without failing its aspirations. An end? Even in times of crisis far away.
Music List
Rafael Anton Irisarri
10 All Time Favs
Ambient? Maybe. But with splinters of metal, neo-classical and other stuff. Rafael Anton Irisarri paints overwhelming sound paintings with thick brushstrokes. For us the American composer has revealed his influences.
Music Portrait
Muriel Grossmann
Abstraction with a sea view
Saxophonist Muriel Grossmann reaches abstraction on the Balearic Islands, rides the waves with hard bop and even amazes billionaires with standards. Who is the secret pioneer of the spiritual revival?
Music Portrait
Roza Terenzi
Rave in a time capsule
Roza Terenzi turns past rave days upside down and brushes it with jungle breaks and techno cuts. On »Modern Bliss« she finally ends up in the future.
Music Portrait
Soviet Grail
Collective memory
Amid jazz experiments, electronic brutalism and psychedelic underground, Sergey Klimov digs for treasures for which musicians ended up in prison. With Soviet Grail, the Russian label boss traces the history of Soviet music.
Music List
10 All Time Favs
ADULT. have been making music for more than 20 years now. And they still don’t want simple attributions, sunlight, self-deception. Instead they wanted to call us records, which they shaped, improved, formed.
Music Interview
Quelle Chris
Accepting the chaos
He’s the most prolific oddball of the rap underground. And he’s on fire. With »Innocent Country 2« Quelle Chris follows up on his groundbreaking record »Guns« and a process where hopelessness is contradicted by accepting a surreal anxiety.
Music List
Peaking Lights
10 All Time Favs
In these days the new album «E S C A P E» of the Peaking Lights is released on Dekmantel. We had the opportunity to ask Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis about 10 records that they have shaped, improved and formed.
Music Portrait
Patricia Kokett
Part of his own Movement
Patricia Kokett blends rave with mysticism, futuristic industrial with shamanistic noise, the spirit of Coil with imaginary records from Kompakt Records. The music of the Lithuanian producer Gediminas Jakubka, who turns into Patricia on stage, balances between borders. An attempt at orientation.
Music List
Jeff Parker
10 All Time Favs
The guitarist Jeff Parker is no newcomer to the music scene. And yet you get the feeling he’s just starting out. But he already wrote music history as part of Tortoise. Now his new album »Suite for Max Brown« has been released on International Anthem. For this occasion we have asked Jeff Parker to choose 10 records that have shaped, improved and formed him.
Music Portrait
Kalahari Oyster Cult
The best of all possible worlds
Diving for pearls in the mud, tracking down rave classics from the nineties and working with producers for whom it doesn’t matter if the record ends up in the Beatport charts: Colin Volvert’s label Kalahari Oyster Cult mixes up the underground with its DIY ethos.
Music List
Malcolm Catto of The Heliocentrics
10 All Time Favs
The Heliocentrics have just released »Infinity Of Now«. The album has the potential to inspire future musicians. Malcolm Catto, however, has first revealed to us the records that have shaped, improved and formed him.
Music Portrait
Mad About Records
Sinfully summery
With his label Mad About the Portuguese Joaquim Paulo takes care of the really hard to find records from Jazz to Bossa Nova. With success. We introduce you to the label in detail.
Music Portrait
Blackest Ever Black
Search for alienation
Among connoisseurs of fucked up, intoxicating sounds, the record label Blackest Ever Black was appreciated like no other. IAt the end of the year 2019 it was suddenly closed. We look back on a label that musically determined the 2010s like few others.
Music Comment
RSD Black Friday 2019
12 Vinyl records to look out for
We’ve browsed through this year’s list of exclusive Record Store Day Black Friday 2019 releases and put together a selection of twelve Vinyl records that we’ve identified as possible highlights.
Music List
Polish Jazz
An introduction in 10 vinyl records
The Polish jazz scene is considered one of the most important and creative in Europe. Today it oscillates between superficial conventions and hidden ruptures. A little search for clues.
Music Essay
Women Of Jazz
We Insist Female
Women in jazz are still not a matter of course. That has to change. For in the past, female musicians have had a decisive influence on jazz and the future is also in their hands.
Music Column
Records Revisited
Lootpack – Soundpieces: Da Antidote! (1999)
The breakthrough: »Soundpieces: Da Antidote« lifted the still young West Coast label Stones Throw from the circle of experts to the cult Olympus. Now the underground classic is 20 years old.
Music Essay
British Jazz
On The Hot Spot
Jazz in Great Britain is in the midst of a generational shift. New talents from Manchester to London are revising gridlocked listening habits and are testing the limits of the genre. But why now?
Music List
Record Store Day 2019
12 releases to look out for
We’ve searched through this year’s list of releases exclusively released for Record Store Day 2019 and put together a selection of twelve records that we’ve identified as possible highlights.
Music Column
Records Revisited
J Dilla – The Shining (2006)
»The Shining« was J Dilla’s first posthumous album. You get soul, you get funk, you get the tricky stuff, and you can also get this raw rap shit. You get the infinite forms of expression that J Dilla mastered. It’s a true classic.
Music Interview
Midori Takada
Deep inward scenerys
The exceptional percussionist Midori Takada gives us an insight into the recordings and circumstances of her masterpiece »Through The Looking Glass«, which is now re-released by WRWTFWW Records in cooperation with Palto Flats.