Guest Mix: Frinda di Lanco

Frinda di Lanco digs for the summer sound of yesteryear in record crates. With her mix, the sun still rises where it’s best: the next morning.

Berlin is not Caorle, but a breath of Hausmeisterstrand blows with her very close: Frinda di Lanco knows the vibe, the feeling. Especially in the past, in the 1970s, sometimes also in the 80s, life was still doltsche like the ice-cream lollipops from Langnese and that’s why you like to remember it. Frinda di Lanco does that very well. The German DJ collects records that some have already described as »obscure« or »strange«, but in any case »Balearic« or very subtly as »psych-induced Afro-Italian-AOR-Library-Boogie«.

Frinda di Lanco, that’s Aperol and Limoncello Spritz, waving palm trees and legroom in linen trousers. Frinda di Lanco doesn’t just find this feeling on the street, she traces it – in record shops and everywhere she goes, of course, but then especially in those boxes for which you have to bend down and venture into the dusty corners of former existences.

Disco? With pleasure!

With »Ciao Amore Baci«, Frinda di Lanco regularly presents new finds on the turntables. She organises the party series at Berlin’s Crack Bellmer together with Dolce Vita Discomeyer Hendrik Stein. And she’s been doing it for a few years now. On top of that, she sometimes travels to Erfurt or Leipzig, but also to the south to San Remo or Sofia, where she doesn’t have to explain the music to the people. Because it’s all so much fun, since Corona there’s also a label: Avec Plaisir. There’s more to come. But for now, the records are coming as a mix that Frinda di Lanco has put together for us. The Spree glitters especially beautifully today.