Guest Mix: Laura BCR

From Paris to Berlin, Lisbon, Barcelona and finally the Netherlands. When Laura BCR isn’t whizzing back and forth between different countries herself, she sends us on a journey with her music – meditative, structured and peaceful. Here is her mix.

»Always deep, but with a twist,« that is how Laura BCR describes her musical style. Anyone who thinks the three letters behind her name stand for »Binding Corporate Rules«, a set of rules for data protection, has never heard of the former Bass Cadet Recordstore in Berlin-Neukölln. But before Laura left Paris in 2013 to open a record shop with friend, the vibrant club scene played a key role in shaping her musical direction.

Initially, her path led her to techno parties in occupied buildings and warehouses. As a production manager for bands, she attended many concerts and travelled to Berlin from time to time. In a world that is so fast-paced and demanding, Laura BCR finds it important to relax with sounds. In her mix for us, she wants to take us on a journey that serves to calm everyday life.

Traveller on a Mission for Sound

The roots of her own musical sound journey go back to her childhood, when she grew up in a family of disco and house music lovers. However, she was most influenced by the time between 2013 and 2016, when she explored a wide variety of scenes and genres, studied all kinds of records and breathed in club culture. Her inspirations range from Psyk and Moritz von Oswald, Rhythm And Sound and Luigi Tozzi to Autechre, Steffi and Deepchord. Her music and sets are influenced by dub, ambient, folk, techno, IDM, electro and acid, which she weaves into a fascinating tapestry of sound.

Nevertheless, the DJ and founder of On Board Music, a booking agency and label, has created her own sound identity over the years and does not try to orientate herself on specific role models.Her creative process, both when mixing and producing, is characterised by intuition.She answers the question of whether a track or mix is finished just as intuitively.Her most important criterion when selecting tracks is that they have a soul, are quirky enough and arouse emotions. »It can be a strong melody, a powerful bass, a special kick drum – there are no limits, as my sets in the clubs are unpredictable.«