Pixelord – DJ Charts

Alexey Devyanin macht als Pixelord einen Mix aus Garage, HipHop und 8-Bit Sounds. Mit uns hat er sich kurzgeschlossen, um uns 10 Tracks vorzustellen, die ihn zu seiner wilden Mischung beeinflusst haben.

Dass die Bassmusik mittlerweile nicht mehr nur aus Orten wie London, Berlin oder Los Angeles stammt zeigt alleine ein Blick nach Russland. Alexey Devyanin hat dort in den letzten zehn Jahren unter unterschiedlichen Pseudonymen Musik veröffentlicht. Sein neustes Alias ist Pixelord, unter dem er eine ernergiereiche Mixtur aus Garage, HipHop und 8-Bit Sounds serviert. Das überzeugte auch die Berghain-Partyreihe Leisure System, ihn die erste Platte auf ihrem neu gegründeten, gleichnahmigen Plattenlabel veröffentlichen zu lassen. Auf der Ende August erschienenen Iron And Cream EP sind auch ein paar ruhige Klänge zu finden, die 8-Bit Samples dominieren den Sound weniger als noch auf den Lucid Freaks EPs. Der Moskauer hat es sich jedoch nicht nehmen lassen, in die Pixelkiste zu greifen und euch 10 für ihn wichtige Tracks zu präsentieren. Ganz nebenbei erzählt er auch noch ein Sci-fi-Heldenepos.

1 – Juice by Lunice
taken from the 12inch One Hunned, Lucky Me 2011
Find it at hhv.de: 12inch
Great tune by Lunice as the start of our musical journey. Imagine a brave space warrior going on adventure to save his girl from a beast gigantic robot frog boss.

2 – Scram by Sully
taken from the LP Carrier, Keysound 2011
Find it at hhv.de: LP
Now our hero is faced to the first enemies, he fights each enemy, they become stronger, but he drinks extra power elixir to boost his speed and kills everyone finally.

3 – Fens by Klaus
taken from the EP Tusk, R&S Records 2011
Find it at hhv.de: 12inch
The enemies are all dead, and we see dark path to the next level. It’s really dark here, you can see only some distant light, flashes, cold atmosphere. watch your steps, some really dangerous traps on the floor. Is it floor even? Maybe it’s the beast’s body inside? The hero beats this part using his inner light.

4 – Doom by Virtual Boy
taken from the EP Symphony No. None, Alpha Pub 2011
Doom sounds really nostalgic and dramatic. I imagine huge robotic guards walking slowly as beat goes on. our hero has to sneak between huge robotic guards while they try to find him and catch, he is really fast and beats this part with a bonus for not killing anyone!

5 – Lay Me Down by Machine Drum
taken from the LP Room(s), Planet µ 2011
Find it at hhv.de: 2LP | CD
One of the best tunes from the album! It sounds a bit retro-romantic, reminds me of high pitched vocals from 90’s. in our musical game this is the part where the hero rides space interplanetary horse to the next destination.

6 – Overkorrokd by Desto
taken from the EP Makowrap, Rwina Records 2011
Find it at hhv.de: 12inch
The tune is tricky, 2-step madness! This one sounds like a chasing tune. Some bad dudes are chasing our hero to catch him before he riches the main boss’s lair. But he wins for sure, using invisibility to sneak inside.

7 – Solar Cycle by Om Unit vs. Kromestar
taken from the 12inch Solar Cycle/Merkabah, Cosmic Bridge 2011
Find it at hhv.de: 12inch
Great EP by two powerfull artists, out on new Om Unit’s label. this tune sounds like a next trip to the core of evil. no one hunts us, lets just enjoy the trip and look around to see amazing alien flora and fauna. it reminds me of animation soundtracks from 80’s

8 – Tiltin Ova by Naive Machine
taken from the 12inch Robot Ramification, Hit And Hope 2011
Find it at hhv.de: 12inch
Naive Machine, my mate from Hit And Hope with this great chiptune banger. My remix of this track is available on the EP as well. In our musical journey its the prefinal stage, where you have to fight the cruel mage! this guy gets into hero’s mind and they fight in the psychedelic dreamy world using their mind powers. no doubt, the hero wins!

9 – Clipper by Vaetxh
taken from the 12inch Mass, King Deluxe 2011
This is massive killer tune, we call such tunes »Rvanina« in russian… Great EP as well, very strong Remixes. The tune sounds like our hero got to the boss battle finally. the boss is dangerous, strong and almost immortal. he fights with the hero using his millions of saws, blades, spikes, insects, lazers and all that. but the hero finds the weak part of the boss and bravely finishes him!

10 – Where Were You When The Lights Went Out ? by Groundislava:
taken from the LP Final Impasse, FoF Music 2011
Final tune, the happy end. The hero saved the princess and they are walking away to the next game, where she has to be lost again. Groundislava LP is the one for top 2011 releases in my list.