Guts defies Corona and a broken foot to release a new album


It’s 6,500 kilometers from Havana to Dakar. On record, the two metropolises remain just a turn away from each other. After all, French beat producer Guts has sailed a co-production across the sea on »Estrellas«, which is going to be released via Pura Vida Sounds.

Musicians from Cuba and Senegal open the barrel of good humor. Pat Kalla and Florian Pellissier join in the fun. And all this despite Corona, problems with visas and a broken foot, as the French hip-hop producer writes in the liner notes to the record. »The shared love of music« and a »personal star« carved the project onto two sides of vinyl, he says. Good thing: »Estrellas« will be out October 21, 2022.

Exclusively on HHV Records, the 17 songs come in a blue vinyl edition limited to 500 copies.