Jabar Ligla – Debut to come this March

Foto: © Super Bad Disco
The 27-track debut of Danish beatmaker Jabar Ligla will be released on March 4, 2022 on Super Bad Disco. With excellent artwork by artist Nick Dahlen. The vinyl is available exclusively in the HHV Records webshop.

The Danish record label and collective Super Bad Disco is the hot shit that insiders will be talking about tomorrow. Because a lot is moving in the Copenhagen beat scene. So much that soon no one will be able to ignore it. Also because of Jabar Ligla. With his soon-to-be-released self-titled debut, the producer has 27 tracks on the way, which are reminiscent of the great deeds of Madlib, Blockhead or J Dilla in terms of atmosphere. With »Push«, there already was a forerunner that is the best motivational soundtrack for draining days. Jabar Ligla puts a simple vocal sample and a few synthesiser sounds on an edgy beat – and that’s it. With the simplest means, he gets an incredible groove out of the track. Everything borrows from this warm American beatmaker sound, to which Jabar Ligla adds his own elements. For example, »Frihavn Cruise« dips its toe into jazz a little longer and »Moonbeams« sounds exactly like the air of a summer night. There will be more of this to come. The LP »Jabar Ligla«, with artwork by artist Nick Dahlen, will be available March 4th, 2022 exclusively in the HHV Records webshop.


  • A1 Frihavn Cruise
  • A2 Got Gold Yo?
  • A3 Rejaxin
  • A4 Don’t Stop
  • A5 Artform
  • A6 Ahmad
  • A7 Jungle East
  • A8 ClapClap
  • A9 Archive Sesh
  • A10 Outset
  • A11 Swy’ll
  • A12 Cosmic Echo
  • A13 Cheddar
  • B1 1234
  • B2 Spacewaves
  • B3 Push
  • B4 Timeslippin
  • B5 Moonbeams
  • B6 Raabobs
  • B7 Base 98
  • B8 Shuf-Uh L
  • B9 Raleth
  • B10 Dodat Dodat
  • B12 Chetsh’ Huh
  • B13 Sun Journey
  • B14 Spirits

»Jabar Ligla« by Jabar Ligla will be out March 4th, 2022 via Super Bad Disco.