Ebi (Susumu Yokota)

Space Teddy Collection II

Transmigration • 2021

Susumu Yokota’s definition of techno house is a shrimp, as the aesthetically pleasing cover of the »Space Teddy Collection II,« seemingly Dadaist in its conception, clarifies. Spread across this shrimp are the rhythmic components of the tracks coaxed from his drum machines by the Japanese artist, who died in 2015 at the age of 54. Not listed, but prominently in the spotlight on the five tracks of this remastered EP: the 303, which, much like on Yokota’s coveted album »Acid Mt. Fuji,« provides the matchmaker between techno and house. »Techno House«, as Susumu Yokota called it, has aesthetically nothing in common with tech house. Slowly, rather stoically, the tracks ripple along, the drumming hypnotizingly tribalistic, the acid sounds and chords braided into a Möbius strip. »Chuu« in second place drives a wedge into the synapses with its intensity, but creates this soggy effect not only with conventional means, for example, makes use of a whistle, which miraculously does not dissolve the atmosphere, but still condenses. In addition, Yokota weaves in majestic pads that are able to explain why the producer is fetishized like few other colleagues. Every kick, every note is set with the utmost care. Whether Paul Kalkbrenner has taken on »Sky and Sand« becauseand to commercialize the beautiful »Sei«, indeed the shortest, but probably the most powerful piece of the EP? Whether it serves Traumprinz as a tireless creative template? We will probably never know. One thing is certain: With the founding of Space Teddy, Dr. Motte had a good idea at the time