Luke Vibert

Machine Funk

De:tuned • 2023

Acid producers really do have it easy. You are working in a landscape with plenty of history and clear guidelines. But when you want to add something new to the whole, it starts to get complicated. Luke Vibert likes to solve this problem with borrowings from other styles – on his album from last year »Grit« there was even a hint of swing – and lots of humour. Sometimes he cheekily quotes his fellow musicians, such as at the beginning of »Machine Funk«, his latest contribution to the acid evolution. On the title track, he clearly alludes to the number »Future Tone« by Drexciya’s side project Elecktroids with his »Future« incantations. Elsewhere he prefers to quote himself: The musically anything but clumsy »Hitler Skelter« not only offers up a play on words at the expense of the Beatles, but also at least marks the second track in Luke Vibert’s oeuvre where he draws on the crimes of the mass murderer (»Jungle Hitler«). British humour is just a little bit different. Musically, he also ties in with himself, as the sounds and harmonies are strongly reminiscent of »Surrounded By Neighbours« on »Grit«. Compared to that, Luke Vibert has focused even more on the hypnotic effect of the synthetic bubbling of the Roland TB-303 this time around. Provided he doesn’t completely depart from the usual paths and delves, as on »Nonce Tarter«, into the interplay of rather inconspicuous sound meshes – and the groove to which the album owes its title. There is plenty of room left over for silliness.