Hoshina Anniversary


Impatience • 2022

That’s what you call going the distance. Tokyo producer Yoshinobu Hoshina, alias Hoshina Anniversary, usually makes dance music. His approach to getting his audience moving through sounds and rhythms, however, has changed somewhat over time. His debut album, »Barcelona«, was released in 2014 on Boysnoize Records and was filled with suitably brachial bangers. On last year’s »Jomon«, he mixed various influences from acid to jazz to traditional Japanese folklore to create a wonderful club hybrid that restored doubters’ faith in music as a conveyor of ideas and the ability to move forward with them. Now, on »Hisyochi«, he loosens up a bit more, doesn’t insist that people bring their bodies into play – or he has developed a particularly sophisticated idea of how this should be done. With flowing forms, perhaps, or lying down? His ingredients have remained quite similar to »Jomon«, whereby the Japanese elements seem to enter into a somewhat stronger dialogue with the electronic means. You don’t have to play the Yellow Magic Orchestra card, but it might help for rough orientation purposes. In any case, Hoshina Anniversary does his own thing. For example, on the title track, which the record ends with. Here, acid is added to the brew again in a striking manner. The dance floor is most likely to honour that.