Digital Native

Planet µ • 2012

It seems that the Italian Egisto Sopor enjoys a little game with opposites. The title of the album already provokes a discussion, which isn’t really necessary: A digital title for a completely analogue album. Behind it we find on 15 tracks a fine variety of Italo Disco, Ambient Techno, sounddesign and original Acid Techno. Hymns of kettledrums are being showered on by old-school synthie-cascades. Reverbs of sunrays shoot through claustrophobic herds of melodies. The humming of 303 mates with chirpy flutes, and even the overall warmth seems to shimmer dodgily throughout the whole scenery. In this surreal turmoil Aphex Twin’s »Analord« meets his relative from GAK and sends a High-Five to Link and the Global Communication Crew around Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard. On his way there, he quickly walks by the old Acid-monster Kosmik Kommando and nicks all his equipment with long alien fingers. Polysick screws the modulations on his Rolands with a love for detail and develops an incisive and yet dreamy brilliance on his first work.

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