EP 3

Monkeytown • 2023

Unlike so many others from Back in the Days™, Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary are not stuck in the 1990se Berlin techno loop. That’s already worth a lot whenever they report back themselves as Modeselektor with new material, but also in regard to the music by up and coming producers that they release through their Monkeytown label. Fresh and forward-thinking Parisian producer Sylvere pursues a bass-heavy, but stylistically open approach that seems entirely to the label owners’ taste and has consequently become a fixture in the Monkeytown cosmos. »EP 3« is the, well, third EP for the label by the LA CREOLE crew member, a socio-politically oriented art collective based in Paris. Sylvère Letellier’s take on techno pays its dues to the monstrous bass hybrids of British labels like Livity Sound, but puts an emphasis on rhythmic complexity in the drum programming, which is both shaped by his cultural background in the Antilles as well as by a stubborn genre-agnosticism regarding all things dance music and a cheerful disregard for all arrangement conventions in the field of hard-hitting dance music. In between grooves, Letellier leaves room for plenty of dub siren wailing, goes on a little R&S-style 1990s throwback tangent, inserts some mind-melting breakcore elements into the mix and even presents a downtempo track with languorous autotuned vocals from Le Diouck. In short, these six tracks have plenty to offer, and they do so at the highest level.