Various Artists

Lefto presents Jazz Cats Vol.3

Sdban Ultra • 2024

Lefto has an important, perhaps the most important taste in music. He says so himself, so it must be true. Lefto knows what sounds good in the so-called here and now. I’m not just saying this, there’s proof: he’s already done the here and now check twice for the Belgian label Sdban Records. Now comes »Jazz Cats Vol. 3« and everyone who likes sequels will be happy. And some others too, of course, because this is jazz that even people who don’t like jazz at all listen to—and the well-informed music magazines write this far too rarely. Well, now they like it, at least the Belgian ones. Because there are fourteen different versions of it, between café jazz and centrifugal jazz and jazz that’s actually techno. In any case, you always know right away that it’s not an 82-year-old trumpeter playing, but YOUNGER PEOPLE at work. Because the sound could be coming from Berlin or London or wherever, but it’s under the Belgian flag. Pretty fair, if you have such good taste.